One of the biggest, if not the biggest mistakes of this whole Covid 19 situation is to look at it in isolation. Researchers in the alternative media have been documenting and uncovering this information for decades only to be labelled conspiracy theorists (that in itself is a CIA term the likes of which the Tavistock Institute would be proud) and nutters. This is no longer holding the weight that it used to, even a few months ago. Controlled Think Tanks such as the CCDH and Hope Not Hate are clearly the work of those who want to keep this information under wraps, even if those stooges who work for them don’t understand it. If you dig deep enough you find links to the Israeli government and what David Icke terms “Sabbatian Frankism” which appears to be a cult mindset fixated with human death.

Even a couple of hours of research shows that the CCDH and Hope Not Hate are connected to the Gates Foundation through Unbound Philanthropy (Link below)

What the powers that should never have been fail to understand is that generations of people have been subconsciously learning how to investigate via the internet, and that the mainstream media holds very little pull anymore, in fact those who work for the mainstream papers and news channels barely know how to conduct any sort of journalism, they are not supposed to. So we must remember to put these past few months in context of the larger picture if we are going to have any sort of understanding of what has been going on. The Governments of the world, and those who pull their strings such as the secret societies and the Banking Families have been producing documents for decades that clearly outline where this is heading but what they count on is the apathy and laziness of humanity not to even look at them….We can no longer afford this luxury.

To understand where this is heading you might want to take a look at the following documents: The Project For The New American Century, Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars and The Protocols of The Elders of Zion to name just three. There is allot of controversy over “The Protocols” but even a quick glance will tally up with where the West is heading today, an example of which can be seen already in Communist China.

We are heading into a totalitarian world, the same world that brave men and women in both world wars (all sides funded by the banking families) unknowingly gave their lives, so that the generations to come would not have to live under a Fascists One World Order. I cannot think of anything more disrespectful to these people than wandering meekly into the Prison Planet on offer right now, all neatly package for our consumer greed.

Today I was pleasantly surprised to hear Dr Andrew Kaufman talk about the bigger picture in this fantastic interview with Spiro on his Youtube Channel. No doubt this will be taken down soon, but watch it before it is censored by the digital book burning Youtube.

So wether we want to admit it to ourselves or not, there is a bigger picture and it goes back thousands of years. This is a multi generational battle for control of humanity and the planet, and if that sounds grandiose well you might to take into account that we are dealing with psychopaths and narcissists who don’t go about things in a loving sharing way, they take what they want without asking.

We are talking about a few bloodline families who run the world central banks, who funnel money onto their branch managers such as Bill Gates and Elon Musk, Zuckerberg, Branson, Jeff Bezos, Dave Geffen and thousands more. These branch managers are controlled either by compromising evidence gathered by the likes of Jeffery Epstien on his Pedophile Island or they are as psychopathic as their masters and willingly go along with it.

Beneath the BIG Tech names such as Musk and Gates we have organisations such as The World Health Organisation who advise the Prime Ministers and Presidents who in turn communicate that to the people. This is a very crude way of mapping it out but its the basic premise. Add to that the secret societies that lock into the Police, military and the likes of the CIA, FBI and MI5 and you have the whole thing locked up. The most important part of this to understand is, that Presidents and Prime Ministers are nothing more than slightly higher ranking auto cue readers than the News reporters, so when you see Obama swinging his head left to right during a speech he is reading the auto cue and when you see Boris Johnson’s eye line above the video screen its because the auto cue is too high.

We are living in a time right now that people all over the world might want to at least consider who controls the governments and what truly makes the world go round. I would strongly suggest that its those who control the flow of money that control the world right now, and to understand who these people are we need to look at the Private Banking Families such as the Rothschilds, The Rockerfellers, The Du Ponts, The Goldsmiths and many more. These are the puppet masters, at least they are as far as we can see into the shaddows, but I have no doubt that they answer to entities we have not seen on the world stage as of yet.

Forget Governments and the likes of Boris Johnson, he has always been a silly boy who is now way out of his depth. I do feel a certain amount of empathy for him, he was born into this nonsense like so many of them are and their world view is completely skewed by generations of emotional abuse. Here is a telling picture below: With Jacob Rothschild

The new Nazi’s are the Technocrats in Silicon Valley, but even they are being abused and used for their skills. The Zuckerbergs and Musks are outcasts, tempted in by the promise of women, fortune and fame that they were kept from during their childhood. They are the geeks in the classroom and they are very very angry.

Bill Gates father was the head of Planned Parenthood which was a cover for a Eugenics programme, with the ever running theme of culling the population of the earth. This is how it is done, they abuse the child before the age of 7 and then the programming is done, its called “Trauma Based Mind Control” . Watch the video below and you tell me that Bill Gates is not traumatised himself.

To sum up: this COVID 19 situation is only a tiny part, a footnote in the grand scheme of things and boy have these lunatics been scheming for a long time. What is obvious is that these lunatics are ramping things up, and as they do so they are making huge mistakes which is waking up millions all over the world on a daily basis. With this in mind it is my belief that they known that time is running out fast and they are on the ropes, not us.

A great place to start your own research is the late 1700 when Mayer Amschel Rothschild met with Adam Weishupt and Jacob Frank. This was a pivotal moment in the tentacles of control reaching out across all areas of your life.

Richard Willett

Published by Rickinthewall

I am a documentary filmmaker, journalist and media content producer from the UK. I am currently working on several films with "Primed For Panic" and "Unnatural" are both out on Ickonic in June and July 2020 respectively. My films are often centred around the conspiracies and manipualtion against human life, such as Extreme Danger Extreme Hypnosis (Mass Mind Control) and Plugged In (The True Toxicity Of Social Media Revealed) both available on or video on demand services linked below. I am available for interviews via and I am always looking to connect with other researchers, journalists and content producers

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