Well Well Well, It looks like Trump has had his bum bum smacked by the banking families and is now bending over and sending the Military to distribute the “Vaccine” ..yes the same vaccine for a virus they can’t even isolate using the normal Koch’s postulates guidelines, which according to Dr Andrew Kaufman and many others are decades old and not completely trust worthy.

In this interview with Fox Business, a channel owned by another elite stooge Rupert Murdoch, Trump explains his plan to roll out the Vaccine. This is a plan Bill Gates would be proud of. We have to give Trump some credit for pointing out that it is mostly the elderly and those in care homes that are “infected”. What I am most interested in here will be the reaction of the QAnon followers. If you do not know what QAnon is then you are in for a treat. The basic belief is that Donald Trump is heading up a plan to take on the “Deep State” and to live up to his original promise to “Drain the swamp” which so far we have so very little if any evidence of.

As the creator of the above video Spiro says, it is the worrying admittance that the military will be used to distribute the vaccine. That’s just what we need, G.I Joe knocking at your door telling you to bend over or you can’t go to work. Now remember this is an experimental vaccine, that has never been used in any other situation and is skipping the years of testing and researching that would eliminate many of the issues.

It would usually take years for this sort of vaccine to be fit for any sort of human use, so we are literally going to be the test dummies for this latest chapter in the madhouse. Lets just compute this, Donald Trump a TV Show hosts and failed entrepreneur (bailed out by Wilber Rose) wants to use the military to inject old people with an untested vaccine for a “virus” that can’t be found through the usual testing methods……sounds legit to me! Mayer Amschel Rothschild and Hitler would be proud, certainly Bill Gates is wetting himself with glee.

A quick look at Trumps operation “Warp Speed” is an eyebrow raiser, read more here https://www.usnews.com/news/top-news/articles/2020-05-14/trump-says-will-mobilize-us-military-to-deliver-coronavirus-vaccine


I absolutely love the US simply for their ridiculously Marvel-esque names for their “operations” and this next one is just incredible. Operation Warp Speed will “pick a diverse set of vaccine candidates” and pour a whole lot of much needed Tax payers money into fast tracking this vaccine whilst testing it out on the clueless public. Yes , they are paying for their own experimental torture and loving it.

More about these Bond Villains Warp Speed here https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/05/unveiling-warp-speed-white-house-s-america-first-push-coronavirus-vaccine

The press release states that they plan to ship out over 500 Million pre filled syringes, with only 328 Million people living in the united states thats more than enough for every women, child and man (can we still say that) in the entire country, with a bit left over for a lock in. As of the writing of this article we have over 800 people in the UK who have volunteered to be jabbed with a cocktail of who knows what. I am not having a pop at those who have lined up to be a test dummy, its clear that each and everyone of them believe themselves to be doing the right thing, but imagine the horror that might engulf them if even one of those volunteers gets seriously ill….or grows a third ear.

In the UK the vaccine was knocked together in just under three months at Oxford University, the same university where Boris Johnson got proper pissed up in the exclusive Bullingdon Club, which is the UK’s equivalent of the famous Skull and Bones Society also known as “The brotherhood of death” at Yale University in the US (Both George Bush snr & jnr were members). What is important here is that these Universities are simply feeder systems for the Elite, so it was a shoo in that the “vaccine” would be knocked up in three months at Oxford University in the UK.


The QAnon narrative has hijacked the conspiracy theory (A CIA Term) world and ushered in its own Messiah, and of all people its Donald Trump. I cannot believe in a sane world we trust in Donald Trump to save the world but scoff at anyone who shows the clear historical evidence that families such as the Rothschilds and the Rockerfellers actually run the world because they control the flow of money.

To be fair to Trump he played the crowd like a fiddle on the lead up to his election, which he perfected by being involved with the WWE wrestling foundation and going up against their establishment baddy Vince McMahon. This rolled over to the “real world when President Trump appointed Vince’s wife Linda McMahon to head up the small business department of his team. According to Wikapedia Q has accused many A List Hollywood names as being involved in child trafficking rings, which we actually known to be true as evident by the likes of Jeffery Epstein and documented in films such as “An Open Secret” and “Out of The Shadows”. This would lead me to believe that QAnon is simply a construct to muddy the waters of the swamp he’s is supposed to be draining.

Q Anon followers have been described as “deranged” but are they really any different than say the followers that believe that a Messiah will return when the new Solomons Temple is built in Jerusalem? No, and I would add to that, that perhaps it’s the same Messiahship that Trump has been promised which would makes sense seeing his clear support of Israel.

I personally do not dislike Trump, I just think he is a narcissist who has been used and abused all his life and has been mind controlled and conditioned to believe he actually is the Messiah. His uncle was the CIA chap who “found” Tesla’s papers after he died in a hotel, penniless and alone.

Read more here about John G Trump https://www.history.com/news/nikola-tesla-files-declassified-fbi

The QAnon phenomena is the classic outcast (Stone Cold Steve Austin WWE) cool heel (Bad guy) who is anti-establishment going against the big bad establishment boss. This is a tried and tested way of constructing characters and narrative. I mean they even had a heel faction called The New World Order in WWE with the immortal Hulk Hogan leading the gang of outcast against the system.

The Cognitive Dissonance Dance

So what will be interesting to see now is how the Q followers will spin this one. How can they possibly dance a cognitive dissonance dance around the fact that Trump is going to roll out an untested Vaccine across the United States using the Military?

Only a few weeks ago Trump appeared to have taken the funding away from the World Health Organisation and Bill Gates, but in reality he just rerooted it through another avenue. This is because the is already a One World Bank Account and its owned and run by the few Banking Families who drop pennies in the wishing well we were all chucked down as children.

This is what some kid called Travis View wrote in the Washington Post about QAnon (The Washington Post is owned by the same Banking Elite) The essence of the conspiracy is….

there is a worldwide cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles who rule the world, essentially, and they control everything. They control politicians, and they control the media. They control Hollywood, and they cover up their existence, essentially. And they would have continued ruling the world, were it not for the election of President Donald Trump

Here we have a poor journalistic tactic of lumping in truth with blatant lies to discredit the truth. They did the same in the UK by lumping in lies with truth to discredit the child abuse investigations into pedophiles in the UK parliament, of which there were legion, especially in the 1980’s and early 1990’s.

It is my belief from 15 years of research into this global control system we see being compressed upon us in an alarming rate, that there is a cabal of satan worshipping pedophiles who rule the world and they do control everything, they control Hollywood, they control politicians and they run the Banking System. They are called Sabbatian Frankists and the cult goes back to at least the late 1700’s when Mayer Amschel Rothschild joined forces with Jacob Frank and Adam Weishupt.

Either Travis doesn’t understand this or he is worried about his job seeing that the paper he works for is funded by those who are controlled by the same bankers. Connecting that with QAnon is a weak attempt at discrediting fact with fiction, and this is what I believe to be the real weaponry of the QAnon narrative.

This will be a fun one to see how its spun. How long can this cognitive dissonance go on? maybe all the way to the bank.

Richard Willett

Published by Rickinthewall

I am a documentary filmmaker, journalist and media content producer from the UK. I am currently working on several films with Ickonic.com "Primed For Panic" and "Unnatural" are both out on Ickonic in June and July 2020 respectively. My films are often centred around the conspiracies and manipualtion against human life, such as Extreme Danger Extreme Hypnosis (Mass Mind Control) and Plugged In (The True Toxicity Of Social Media Revealed) both available on Ickonic.com or video on demand services linked below. https://vimeo.com/ondemand/extremedangerextremehyp I am available for interviews via info@brickinthewallmedia.com and I am always looking to connect with other researchers, journalists and content producers

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