What is the use in being alive if you do not have your liberty? what is the point in a pretty jail cell if you have to get permission to leave? your liberty is your life and without it you are essentially a slave. Not only that you become a slave to a small percentage of people who have none of the skills, talents, intellect and human value that you do, that is why they must enslave you because they are afraid of you.

In the video below Sheriff Richard Mack explains why the Governments have no right to implement any of these Draconian rules and why they can and will only ever be allowed to suggest them. Sheriff Mack is one of the only people to take on Bill Clinton at the Supreme Court and win.

In just eight short weeks the West has lots it’s marbles. Insanity can be seen spewing down the isles of every super market in the UK and every Shopping Mall in the US. Grown adults wear rubber gloves and masks to go shopping, not for once questioning the absurdity of it all. Having to abide by such stupidity is another assault on your liberty and it is demoralising by design.

This has never and was never about a supposed Virus that still cannot be found, only the genetic material can be identified. This is about control and is a world wide psych-op. The fact that they cannot even test for Covid 19 brings in to disrepute the entire groundings of Germ theory. The video below by Dr Andrew Kaufman might help shed some light on the insanity of these tests. After you have watched this, contemplate for a minute that knowing this they are still trying to jab you in the arse with a Vaccine….for what?! and to what end?

Something Dr Kaufman mentions in this interview is a medical practice called “Microporation” which messes with an individuals DNA . We have to start to question everything and I mean everything including Germ Theory.

Microporation is a practice where they implant foreign DNA it into your cells…yes your read that right. According to Dr Kaufman they apply an electrical current between two additional needles, which opens up holes in your cells so they can insert this foreign DNA. This practice will turn you into a genetically modified organism. This is all part of the Vaccine scam and I would suggest we all start answering questions about this practice fast.

Every time these psychopaths keep information from you they limit your choices, which means they restrict your God given human right to choose because how can you locate the right choice for yourself and your family if the options are being hidden from you?

One thing to bare in mind is that human right violations and far worse have been going on for decades in places like China and much of the Middle East, especially in Palestine. Many in the West have lived in relative luxury compared to what these poor sods have been born into, and it speaks volumes that it is only now that the world is starting to rise up because essentially there is no one left to abuse.

These human rights violations are nothing knew, they have been going on for decades, it’s just that the people of the Western World have been able to largely turn the other cheek….until they came knocking on our door a few months ago.

The Gaza strip has been an open air prison for a long time, the people of Palestine have been raped, murdered and abused on mass as the Satanic Agenda for a new Solomons Temple has slowly decimated their lives and homes.

This is very famous poem and my word was Martin Niemoller right. But we did not heed the words and now they are knocking on our front doors, trying to force us to take vaccines against our will, tracking us on Contract Tracing apps, keeping people psychically apart…all things these satanists have no lawful right to do. And even if they do pass laws….fuck them off, they are against basic human rights, God given rights that are above any living entity to touch or meddle with.

The Medical profession is a system the was shaped to serve the Big Pharma and Banking Cartel needs and was not designed to sever the poeple. We need to look at the medical industry and pull it apart to put it back together again, especially when it comes to Germ theory and Vaccines.

Please do not think I have anything against the medical industry, of course I don’t. I was born in 1981 with something called an Esophageal Atresia and Tracheoesophageal fistula which meant food could not get to my stomach and I had to be fed through feeding tubes.

After over 20 operations I was able to live a somewhat normal life although I still struggle to eat and keep food down which effects many areas of my life, especially when it comes to energy. So I am completely behind the incredible surgeons and NHS staff in the UK. Of course I am, what I have a problem with is the Big Pharma companies and Big Tech companies killing kids all over the world with shitty vaccines in accordance with the Georgia Guide stones and the wishes of Psychopaths like Bill and Melinda Gates.

This whole Covid 19 situation has very little to do with a mystery Virus and everything to do with the ongoing Agenda to take away our liberties. Much of this was spelled out to the public in Agenda 2030 (Previously Agenda 21) but very few people will known about these documents, and even less will care to read them. Remember they have to tell us what they are doing, it is called Revelation of the Method, and by doing so they believe they pass on the responsibility to us to stop them.


There really is no other example of the fragility of our liberties all over the world than the Statue of Liberty itself which does not represent what you think. It was given to the US by French Freemasons and is a depiction of Queen Semiramis, which is another name for the character of The Virgin Mary. These are Sun worshiping occultists and Queen Semiramis is a Sun Goddess. You will also find the flame she is holding at both of the assassination locations for Princess Diana and JFK. two people who tried to speak out about this death obsessed cult.

They also appear to be fixated with Saturn (Satan) which some researchers belief to be our Earths original Sun (Sin).

This article may have been a bit of a ramble but that is the nature of this research. You start off a point A and you quickly come to realise that it’s connected to the entire Alphabet of seemingly distant topics.

Our liberty is an illusion if we have to ask for it, it really is that simple. We as soverign human beings cannot be seen to be asking for our freedoms, we take them as they are our God given birth right. We do not ask permission to refuse a vaccine we just refuse and tell them to fuck off, and we do not aks permission to go out of our homes, we just go out.

We cannot allow these psychopaths to cross our moral bounderies. We do not ask for permission for basic human rights. We do not meekly ask for the permission to earn a living, we do not ask for permission to speak our mind, we do not ask for permission to freely move around our planet and we do not even have to justify these things with an answer…..we do not answer to the 1% we answer only to our own individual moral values.

Everything else is bullshit and fear.

Richard Willett

Published by Rickinthewall

I am a documentary filmmaker, journalist and media content producer from the UK. I am currently working on several films with "Primed For Panic" and "Unnatural" are both out on Ickonic in June and July 2020 respectively. My films are often centred around the conspiracies and manipualtion against human life, such as Extreme Danger Extreme Hypnosis (Mass Mind Control) and Plugged In (The True Toxicity Of Social Media Revealed) both available on or video on demand services linked below. I am available for interviews via and I am always looking to connect with other researchers, journalists and content producers

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