Well what an amazing, terrifying, amusing, confusing and bizarre few months here on planet earth this has been. The most terrifying thing for me personally was seeing how many millions of grown adults meekly excepted what the UK Prime Minster said during his public announcements via the corrupt mainstream media, the same can be said for the US.

It was truly Orwellian to see this private school boy and his half wit mates making decisions on nonsensical outcomes, whilst pumping shit into computer models at Imperial College and then shinning up the turd when the results came out.

They Still Have Crayon Around Their Mouths

We appear to be on the back end of this in the UK (for now, watch for wave 2) and the numbers are just mind blowing to anyone with an ounce of common sense. The severity of this Lockdown will be felt in this country for decades to come, as small business owners scrape around to rebuild the mess that Boris and his school yard mates have made, on the request of the Elite banking families of course.

Only today i saw a young lad crying on Twitter with relief that his Barclay Card loan have been accepted and thanking the Tory Government and Boris Johnson. Here we have a decent working class lad completely unaware that it was Boris Johnson and his parties insane decisions that put him and his business on the edge of extinction in the first place. He was literally thanking his abusers for the little mercy he and his family were given….proper Oliver Twist it was.

Counting On Their Fingers

So lets just have a look at some of these numbers shall we. Whilst we do, bare in mind these are not stats that have appeared not because of the Lockdown, but in spite of the Lockdown. Also bare in mind that the test is only really testing for the genetic material, so there many never have been a virus as such.

The genius that is Professor Neil Ferguson used his computer models “Shit in” to come up with the DATA that terrified UK Prime Minster Boris Johnson into shutting the entire country in their homes, with a little budge from Matt Hancock. The initial predictions were that 66,000 people would die of the “COVID 19” virus in the UK which would mean at least 3,000 a day. This was from the Virus itself not Co-morbidity and a blanket number for all ages and backgrounds in the UK.

Lets look at the UK outcomes

The average age of those dying with the virus is over 80yr old, with a third of them coming from Care Homes. 95% of all of those dying over the age of 80 with Covid 19 have co-morbid issues such as diabetes, dementia and serious lung and kidney disease (stands to reason really).

Below that we have the under 40’s who make up 33 deaths in total, with 3 deaths under the age of 19, precise numbers there. To me this is the reason they came up with the “contact tracing” nonsense saying that you “could be a carrier without knowing it” which is just fear porn. Very few children under 18 actually got any sign of the virus and those in their middle ages (working age) barely got it either.

The conclusion is that you were only likely to get it if you were elderly and had pre existing conditions that were serious enough to be put on the death certificate as well. These elderly people were dying with Covid 19 not of it.

With that in mind you are more likely to be killed in a road accident (should we ban driving) or drowning (thank fuck for armbands). You are also more likely to be stuck by lightening, and I am not even using that as an example, you literally are more likely to be stuck by lighting.

When we entered into this Lockdown, Professor Neil Ferguson (resigned after breaking his own Lockdown rules to see his married girlfriend) and his computer models (shit out) predicted we would have almost half a million deaths in the UK alone.

Now lets bare that in mind today (May 20th) when we look at the world wide deaths from people with Covid 19 …..320,000 deaths WORLD WIDE! Again these are people dying with not of Covid 19.

The Lockdown

What all this really shows is that no matter how you twist the Rubix cube of UK Government spiel the Lockdown was clearly out of proportion to the real danger to the people of Britain. Now we are going to start seeing the very real fall out from that decision, one that has the potential to cause far more deaths through suicide, depression and the forthcoming economic disaster that is about to decimate the country.

I recently interviewed Simon Dolan, a British Millionaire business who is taking on the UK Government and demanding they answer for their completely inept and possibly criminal approach to the whole Coronavirus Situation. You can here the full interview on my Glitch In The Code Show Bitchute Channel.

Simon is calling for Legal action to be taken against the British Government, who on the 14th May responded to Simon’s legal teams letter. You can support Simons campaign here

Basic Human Rights

If anything good is to come out of this it must be the overall understanding that our UK Government are at the very least inept, and i would suggest they are criminally so. They have abused our basic human rights by forcing us to stay in doors our of fear, they have caused the closure of thousands of small business (pure market grab) they have abused the trust of every single human being in the UK. They have purposely confused a nation and made us fearful of each other, a classic emotional abuse tactic.

This abuse of trust in not something you need to think about , you can feel when you have been abused. When you are in a relationship with an abuser they will do two main things 1: convince you that they are doing it for your own good 2: convince you that you are not capable of dealing with life without them.

I wrote in my previous article that we are freedom, we cannot be granted freedom by a small bloodline cult of Psychopaths who pull the strings of the idiotic crayon crunchers in our Government. This whole Corona Virus situation could be our crowing (Corona means Crown) moment to finally push past the idiots and get to the real abusers who control the Banking System, which now lends 100x the amount it has in deposits and then charges you interest on it. Of course there is no money in the system to pay that interest back, and this is how the scam works. This is also how the Rothschild’s have come to hold Private Central Banks in almost every country around the world.

There are 8 Billion human beings on the planet (thus the reason Bill Gates and his Cult want to cull the herd with a Vaccine) and there only a handful of them. We need to educate people in the psychology so we can all spot the signs and common traits. We also need to learn to see past the divisions and diversions of political parties, countries, races, religion to see that the real criminals are those who run the banks and they control Boris and his crayon eating pals.

We must never let this happen again.

Richard Willett

Published by Rickinthewall

I am a documentary filmmaker, journalist and media content producer from the UK. I am currently working on several films with "Primed For Panic" and "Unnatural" are both out on Ickonic in June and July 2020 respectively. My films are often centred around the conspiracies and manipualtion against human life, such as Extreme Danger Extreme Hypnosis (Mass Mind Control) and Plugged In (The True Toxicity Of Social Media Revealed) both available on or video on demand services linked below. I am available for interviews via and I am always looking to connect with other researchers, journalists and content producers

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