We Didn’t Have A Clue

I remember school, it was the mid 90’s and I was 16 and not once did I hear the names Rothschild or Rockefeller. I was taught nothing about the banking system let alone any mention of them being owned by Private Banking families. No, I was taught about baby Jesus and a donkey, a little bit about how to use a Bunsen burner to set alight to your school tie plus a bit of table tennis.

I did however have some very real world experience in finance. My parents owned and ran a small Green Grocers in Norfolk UK. Going into the 1990’s everything was going well, business was great and I vaguely remember my dad having a sports car at one point (it was stolen a few weeks after he got it) but then suddenly everything started to go to shit. I remember by dad grumbling something about the new Supermarkets opening up in the town centre and how it would put small business like ours out of business. This was my introduction to how the world was being engineered into a centralisation of power and within four to six years our shop was long gone and so was our income.

Qualifications For Real Privilege in 2020

Today is Friday the 5th of June 2020 and we are currently in the middle of world wide insanity. I say world wide, but really this is just new to all of us in the West and by all of us I mean all races. We have just gone through psychopathic levels of abuse by our governments due to the “Pandemic” that is the Corona Virus, and now we are being gas lit into civil race wars since a police officer in Minneapolis killed an innocent man called George Floyd. I only mention this because we are now seeing the flipping of the narrative away from the failing Corona Virus lie towards the White Privilege lie. Let’s get this straight, there is NO white privilege and anyone with an ounce of common sense will understand that the only truly privileged in the world are those who should actually be in jail. I will explain why in this article.

The only truly privileged among us today have had to do some utterly satanic and disgusting things to gain that privilege. In the year 2020 here is the list of criminal activities those who have true privilege often indulge in to varying levels depending on their place in the hierarchy (status).

  • Child Trafficking
  • Drug running
  • Human Trafficking
  • Satanic Child Abuse
  • Arms Dealing
  • Pedophilia (Individual and Organised)
  • Trauma Based Mind Control
  • Political Manipulation
  • Black Mail (Satanic Rituals)
  • Intelligence Gathering (Mossad, MI5, CIA)
  • Human and Child Genetic Experiments (NASA, CIA)
  • Compulsive Media Lies and Propaganda (BBC, NBC, FOX, ABC, RT, CBS, C4)
  • Abuse of Human Rights (The Corona Virus Act 2020 not voting on in the HOC)
  • Satanic Worship and Occult Practices (The 9th Circle)
  • Murder and Kidnapping (MK Ultra, Montauk Project, Project Monarch)

These are just some of the disgusting activities that the most rich and famous around the world indulge in. Fame and Fortune are the offspring of a satanic cult that has its roots in esoteric teachings in books such as the Tulmad, Kabbalah and the Satanic Bible. Of course not all famous people or even wealthy people will be indulging in these things, but many are and to continue to climb higher and higher in your chosen field I am afraid that the above will show its ugly head somewhere along the line. Either you indulge or you look the other way and allow it to happen.

I recently interviewed a chap called Chris Thrall who just recorded a fantastic interview with pop Star Robbie Williams of Take That fame. Chris did an excellent job of challenging Robbie about the satanism that clearly goes on in both the music and film industries. Robbie looks into these subjects himself and i know he has had a long conversation with David Icke a few years back. He knows this stuff goes on but says he has never been invited which I completely believe of course. I have also worked with Brian Harvey of East 17 (Take That’s rival boyband in the 90’s) and he is completely clued up on this, yet he told me in person that he now see’s the signs and symbols in their music videos but at the time he had no idea. As an addition to that, the songwriter for East 17 Tony Mortimer was closely connected to the famous East End crime Twins The Krays, even being a Paul Bearer at Reggie Krays funeral, carrying his casket.

We know this stuff goes on of course, lets look at some of the names who swim or swam in the muddy waters listed above, in order to achieve fame, status and fortune. The same swamp US President Donald Trump promised to drain , but in fact has just filled with Nazi like Eugenisists such as Dr Fauci.

  • Jimmy Savile (BBC Pedophile, Satanist, Necrophiliac)
  • Prince Andrew (Friends with Jeffery Epstein & Visitor to his island)
  • Prince Charles (Companion to Jimmy Savile)
  • Lord Boothby (Alleged Pedophile, Friend of the Krays)
  • Max Clifford (Publicist for the Stars, Convicted Pedophile)
  • Edward Heath (Alleged Pedophile, friends with Savile)
  • Bryan Singer (Alleged Pedophile, Funder of DEN with Dave Geffen)
  • John of God (Ran baby farms, promoted by Oprah Winfrey)
  • Jeffery Epstein (Pedophile, friends with Donald Trump, Clintons, ran child trafficking ring)
  • Harvey Weinstein (Sex abuser, friends with Tom Hanks, Oprah, Meryl Streep)
  • Gary Glitter (Famous British Singer)

That is just a start and the ones that came to mind as I write this late at night. The reality is that if you want to really achieve life long Privilege you have at least got to participate in or turn the other cheek to the crimes listed above. I am not talking about a one hit wonder in the UK charts, or even a local political position, I am talking about a life long commitment to your career and a climb up (or down) the ladder in your chosen field.

This is how true privilege is paid for in the satanic inverted world we now live in, you really do have to sell you soul and abandon all of your moral values.

The Debt Collectors

So who do these sell outs pay their debt to? Well the list is long and has many different levels, remember we are going back hundreds of years but here are a few good places to begin your own research.

  • The Rothschild Banking Dynasty (formerly Bauer)
  • The Black Nobility (European Aristocracy and others)
  • The Windsors ( Saxe -Coburg and Gotha)
  • The Rockefeller Family
  • Bill and Melinda Gates
  • George Soros
  • Jeff Bezos
  • William of Orange
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Dave Geffen
  • Donald Trump (CIA, Heritage Foundation, CNP, Christian Zionist)
  • Boris Johnson (Zionist and answers to Jacob Rothschild)
  • George Bush (Snr and Jnr)
  • Barrack Obama
  • Josef Mengele
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Bill Clinton

You will soon find that the above list will begin to link in with the previous list of criminals, simply because this is how they operate. You will of course notice that Bill Clinton appears on both lists. Bill is possibly one of the most corrupt and depraved humans on planet earth.

This article and these lists are barely scratching at the surface of course, but they are a good place to start.

Think of these names as if they are rabbit holes on a golf course, somewhere deep within the earth in the pits of hell they all come together into one huge burrow of Satanism and depravity. All of these people above will attend several secret societies and “clubs” that again all lead back to what I would describe as Satanism, and the door code to get in reverts back to the list at the top of the page…the price of entry are the depraved crimes you pay with to get in.

These crimes are then filmed and documented and then used against you if you ever decide you want out. This is why we need to be careful because some people, especially child stars such as Michael Jackson , Corey Feldman or a Britney Spears would have been sold into these cults (Michaels mother was a staunch Jehovah Witness) and would have been abused all of their lives. Even Bill Gates would have grown up in the cult that is Planned Parenthood as his dad was the head of that particular cult for years.

Some of the factions, cults or groups to look at for and look into are:

  • The Bohemian Club
  • The Council on Foreign Relations
  • NASA
  • CIA
  • The Knights Templar
  • The Knights of Malta
  • Sabbatean Fankism
  • Zionism ( and Christian Zionism)
  • CERN (Nuclear Research Switzerland)
  • The Round Table
  • Skull and Bones
  • The Priory of Sion
  • Opus Dei
  • The Rosicrucians
  • The CNP (Council For National Policy)
  • Highest Levels of Freemasonry (33rd Degree Above)
  • Order of The Golden Dawn

Again you will find that many of the names on the previous lists will be found within some of these groups, cults and factions. It is truly amazing when you see the tapestry of deceit that has been woven throughout all of this orders. For example 14 US Presidents are known to have been Freemasons, I would suggest that number is much higher.

This cult have infiltrated banking, all religions, big tech, pharmaceuticals and medicine , mainstream media, politics, commerce, industry, trade and royalty. This is the true Virus that has eaten away at the flesh of humanity, not some Viral infection that the test doesn’t even test for (the Covid 19 test can only test for genetic material not an actual Virus).

Its A Big Club…Don’t Join It

As the incredible George Carlin said “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it” and thank God everyday that you are not. Those who have sold their souls and thrown their moral values out of the window have to pay the price everyday. The longer they cling to fame and fortune the deeper they get into the darkness, having to do even more bizarre satanic things or at the very least having to live with the fact that they turned a blind eye to the likes of Harvey Weinstein abusing young actresses or a Jeffery Epstein trafficking you children to his island. Just look at the famous names who visited Jeffery Epstein’s Island.

  • Bill Clinton
  • Chris Tucker
  • Stephen Hawkins
  • Kevin Spacey
  • Naomi Campbell
  • Alan Dershowitz
  • Larry Summers
  • Steven Pinker (Scientist)

Here is a link for more info on visitors to Epstein’s Private Island

This is not to say that everyone who went to the Island was involved with what Epstein was doing, not at all but it shows the circles of people that were swanning around this sort of criminal organisation.

Was It Worth It?

Once you are in the fame and fortune fame, is it worth the price of entry? These freshly famous faces will be constantly worrying if the mainstream media (owned by the Banking Families and Black Nobilities) are going to out them in print, on the Mainstream News or via Social Media. Some will be willingly going along with it simply because they are psychopaths, some will be stuck in it because they were abused as children and cannot get out (Michael Jackson, Britney) and others will be so addicted to the spot light that they will start to believe in the character they are playing (Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks).

Others will try to break out such as JFK, Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Britney Spears, River Phoenix, Corey Helm & Feldman and others will just wait it out until they die such as Bob Dylan (he admitted as much).

You get nothing for free in this life, NO ONE DOES and the only privileged ones are an elite bloodline race who believe themselves to be the descendant’s of the Anunnaki, an ancient race who may have created the Human Race to begin with. If that sounds too out there for you, think about this. For there to be a need for the label “Human Race” there would have had to have been another race to differentiate us from, without another race there would be no need to call us “Humans” we would all simply be people.

There exists plenty of esoteric and historical evidence to show that humanity was engineered into existence. By engineered I am referring to our physical bodies and brain capabilities not our souls which are part of the true one consciousness. It is my belief after 15 years of research that we were created by an off world race, thus the need for our own name “Humans” as a label to identify us as. I also believe that it is either the bloodline relatives of that Annunaki race who control us today, or at the very least a select bloodline of cold blooded (Blue Bloods) psychopaths who believe themselves to be descendant’s. You will find many of those bloodlines listed in the first list in this article especially the Rothschild’s and British Royals.


No individual human race is privileged, we are all equally under the jack boot of these psychopaths and all of this ridiculous race bating is simply a weapon to keep us fighting amongst ourselves so we wont have time to stop….take a breath, do the research and look at the real abusers who control the Governments of the world.

These controllers are the Satanists, Banking Families and those we out source our decision making to… all listed at the top of this article. Now is the time to inform yourself, do your own research and stop looking to politicians, bosses, wealthy families and psychopathic criminals for you cues. They can only control 8 Billion of us if we allow them to.

Richard Willett

Published by Rickinthewall

I am a documentary filmmaker, journalist and media content producer from the UK. I am currently working on several films with "Primed For Panic" and "Unnatural" are both out on Ickonic in June and July 2020 respectively. My films are often centred around the conspiracies and manipualtion against human life, such as Extreme Danger Extreme Hypnosis (Mass Mind Control) and Plugged In (The True Toxicity Of Social Media Revealed) both available on or video on demand services linked below. I am available for interviews via and I am always looking to connect with other researchers, journalists and content producers

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