Show notes From the below video: Why I believe that we are being distracted from something much bigger that is playing out in the Shadows which will effect not only our lives by the reality we live in. They are attempting to usurp GOD and thus become GODS themselves, whilst connecting with their Messiah (Kronus) the God of the original SUN Saturn.


Part 1 – Kronus & Saturn Worship (SATANISM)

  • Kronus or Cronos, was the king of the TITANS and is another name for the planet SATURN.
  • Kronus was knonw as Father Time, Santa, Death 
  • Kronus carried the Sickel as does Death, he was the Ruler of Time (Chronological) 
  • He had children with his sister (OPS) 
  • He ate all his children so they could not take the thrown from him – Child sacrifice 
  • OPS smuggled Zeus out of the way, Zeus returned to kill his father by getting him to swollow a stone which made him SICK up all the Lost Children he had swollowed, these became the planets such as Jupiter. 

Part 2 – Saturn Symbols / Transmission & The Black Cube

  • The Black Cube represents Saturn 
  • The huge Black Cube at Mecca called Kaaba is said to Represent Saturn 
  • Worshippers circle Saturn which represents the Rings of Saturn 
  • A flattened out Crucifix can be folded back up into a perfect Cube 
  • The Jewish faith wear a Cube on their heads (Tefflin) containing scrolls 
  • The Transmissions gathered in Audio form from Saturn by NASA form a Cube (Hexegon) when put into liquids. 
  • The centre of the Cube (See through) represents our DNA/RNA
  • ISIS/Semiramis/Statue of Liberty is considered Saturns (Cronus) eldest daughter.
  • The Balck Sun, Saturday

Occult Symbols 

  • The Star of David represents the Cube – Rothschilds use this as their family embellem
  • The Star of David has 6 Triangles around the middle Hexagon. 
  • We get the head of Baphoment drawn around the Six Pointed Star, this also correlates with CERN which is named after CERNUNNOS an ancient Cetic God. His name means (Horned One) which clearly is Baphomet and likely PAN. 
  • 666 adds the equasions found within the Six pointed STAR, it was not called The Star of David until the 17th Century. All andlges of the Six pointed STAR are 60 Degrees x3 is 666
  • The okay sign in Music Industry and Hollywood is 666 – 3 6’s around the eye 
  • We find these black Cubes in thousands of Logo’s including the INTEL , Black Cube Intellegence Agencey and monuments around the planet including Apple. 
  • Halo’s around the head also represent Saturn
  • Saturn was the Original SUN, original SIN. Babylon were worshipping Saturn and not our SUN.
  • Hollywood is a Satanic Ritual from Rome (Holywood) around the lake Diana, they sold their sold to become a STAR. Hollywood is a replica of Holywood in Rome.

Part 3 – CERN & Covid Distraction

  • CERN – connects with CERNUNNOS 
  • They house the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) particle accelerator 
  • Two high-energy particle beams travel at close to the speed of light before they are made to collide
  • CERN is home to a statue of the Hindu Goddess Shiver – The Transformer , destroyer of worlds to restore, renew and reconstruct. 
  • There is a video of a group of Satanic people performing a ritualistic Dance on the grounds of CERN
  • They are trying to life the Veil to another world, to connect with the Gods of Cronus (Saturn)
  • CERN Logo is clearly a 666

Part 4 – Covid Connections

  • Imperial College Gave the Lockdown Stats through Neil Ferguson which led to Lockdown
  • Imperial College collected the DATA for NASA’s Cassini Probe of Saturn, Collecting Magnetic Transmission DATA
  • Imperial College are sponsored by Astra Zeneca who were given the $750 million contract for Covid Vaccines. 
  • Aztra Zeneca are working with charities on the distrubution of Vaccines that are connected to the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation.
  • Add up all the letters in CORONA and you get 666
  • The Transmissions from SATURN are shows as a black CUBE,
  • Our DNA is efffected by magnetic transmissions.

Part 5 – Tech and 5G 

  • Elon Musk is talking about connecting our minds to A.I Neruo Link , is this to plug us into an alternate reality transmitted from Saturn? 
  • Others want to ripe the veil into another world, which may have happened at CERN. They shut it down in 2018, for maintenace. 
  • 5G at 60ghz is show to effect the bloody carrying oxygen around the body.

The Race Theory

  • Are we seeing a race to gain control over Humanity , a battle of the self delluded GODS?
  • We have those who want to connect us to 5G, Transhumanism …. sold as a way to fend of the out of control Artifical Intellegence. 
  • We also appear to have a group of people trying to life the Viel of this world into the next, has something come in? 
  • This is all been shown in the Prophecy of the Middle East, The Rapture and return to the Messiah to Jerusalem to sit on the thrown in the new Solomons Temple as king of The World.

Could transmissions from Saturn and the work being done at CERN have anything to do with the sudden shifts in our lives. In just six months we have seen so many distruptions I believe there is much more to this than just a Novel Corona Virus.


It maybe all a far fetched theory but these Chronus Satanic worshipping psychopaths believe themselve to be the descendance of the Gods of Atlantis, Annunaki Reptilain Race and even if we think it is all nonsesne, some very Rich and powerful (in this reality terms) poeple believe they have the right to play GOD, and even usurp the GODS. 

This will not end well for Humanity, who are considered slaves. 


  • The Great Reset – Prince Charles Spoke at The World Economic Forum on this
  • LockStep – The Rockefeller (Pandemic)
  • Agenda 2030
  • Project For The New American Century
  • Roll out of Tracking Software 
  • Semi Forced Vaccines – Restrictions without compliance
  • ID 2020/ 5G MMW untested / Neura Link / 

There is a clear speeding up of the One World Control Agenda, we have the pedophile Child Trafficking Rings falling down….is Satanism being dragged out into the light and making a last minute grab towards the finish line, weather thats lifting the vieil between this world and the next or creating a Holographic Matrix of their own…something has spooked the Elites and I would suggest we are being distracted from something MUCH MUCH BIGGER than a Virus that has been shown to be little more than seasonal Flu. 

Links For Further Research

Imperial/ Vaccines /Covid



Imperial/ Saturn/ NASA



More info on CERN

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