Well what an amazing, terrifying, amusing, confusing and bizarre few months here on planet earth this has been. The most terrifying thing for me personally was seeing how many millions of grown adults meekly excepted what the UK Prime Minster said during his public announcements via the corrupt mainstream media, the same can be saidContinue reading “EATING CRAYONS & CRUNCHING NUMBERS”


What is the use in being alive if you do not have your liberty? what is the point in a pretty jail cell if you have to get permission to leave? your liberty is your life and without it you are essentially a slave. Not only that you become a slave to a small percentageContinue reading “LIFE IS LIBERTY”


Well Well Well, It looks like Trump has had his bum bum smacked by the banking families and is now bending over and sending the Military to distribute the “Vaccine” ..yes the same vaccine for a virus they can’t even isolate using the normal Koch’s postulates guidelines, which according to Dr Andrew Kaufman and manyContinue reading “Q- FOR YOUR SLIGHTLY TESTED VACCINE!”

Humanities Cognitive Block

Its now May the 14th 2020, as we sit here in the middle of ‘World War WTF”! abd many great cognitive walls are crumbling in the minds of men, women and children all over the world. It has been encouraging and exciting to see so many people finally starting to see that the world theyContinue reading “Humanities Cognitive Block”