Myself and Jaymie icke just got back from New Zealand before the UK went into Lockdown. We were over there filming for a new Documentary for http://ickonic.com about the reality of EMF and 5G MM waves. So it is of no surprise to me that New Zealand have just revealed the worlds first A.I policeContinue reading “HELL-A FROM ELLA”


Well well, if it couldn’t get anymore strange, now it seems that Bill Gates and his merry men/women want to reward you for “right feelings” with Bitcoin and Crypto Currency. It has long been obvious to me that Bitcoin & digital currency is just a stepping stone to a Social Credit System and I simplyContinue reading “THE MICRO-SOFTENED REWARD SYSTEM”


I recently recorded a fascinating interview with a gentlemen called Cyrus A Parsa for Glitch In The Code which can you can see over on the podcast show, and the video version on ickonic.com. Cyrus has produced several books highlighting his research in to BIG Tech companies and the dangers of artificial intelligence which IContinue reading “AI DANGER TO HUMANITY”