DELETE THE ELITE – Control Alt Delete

Does it ever feel like you woke up in the middle of a Marvel Superhero movie? two months ago the West of the world was titled on its axis and the “Super Villains” crawled out from within the shadows and showed their hands. But being villains also means they are essentially cowards, so they hidContinue reading “DELETE THE ELITE – Control Alt Delete”

Ventura California 66.66 TRACE Act

Today (9th May 2020) a video was released by Dr Buttar about an ACT just passed in the US under the number 66.66. This Act is called the “House resolution Act” and covers intrusive testing for covid 19 in your own home. What Dr Buttar describes as the Trace act (Testing-Reacting-And-Contacting-Everyone) was introduced by aContinue reading “Ventura California 66.66 TRACE Act”