Show notes From the below video: Why I believe that we are being distracted from something much bigger that is playing out in the Shadows which will effect not only our lives by the reality we live in. They are attempting to usurp GOD and thus become GODS themselves, whilst connecting with their Messiah (Kronus)Continue reading “WHILST WE WERE SLEEPING”


Well Well Well, It looks like Trump has had his bum bum smacked by the banking families and is now bending over and sending the Military to distribute the “Vaccine” ..yes the same vaccine for a virus they can’t even isolate using the normal Koch’s postulates guidelines, which according to Dr Andrew Kaufman and manyContinue reading “Q- FOR YOUR SLIGHTLY TESTED VACCINE!”

Humanities Cognitive Block

Its now May the 14th 2020, as we sit here in the middle of ‘World War WTF”! abd many great cognitive walls are crumbling in the minds of men, women and children all over the world. It has been encouraging and exciting to see so many people finally starting to see that the world theyContinue reading “Humanities Cognitive Block”

Ventura California 66.66 TRACE Act

Today (9th May 2020) a video was released by Dr Buttar about an ACT just passed in the US under the number 66.66. This Act is called the “House resolution Act” and covers intrusive testing for covid 19 in your own home. What Dr Buttar describes as the Trace act (Testing-Reacting-And-Contacting-Everyone) was introduced by aContinue reading “Ventura California 66.66 TRACE Act”

Contact Tracers

In these ever more ridiculously Sci Fi times, the nutters that we allow to govern our world are now introducing something called ‘contact tracing’. Yes, this madness will require you to have an app on your SMART phone that will record DATA about where you have been, which through a satanically crafted algorithm will thenContinue reading “Contact Tracers”