We Didn’t Have A Clue

I remember school, it was the mid 90’s and I was 16 and not once did I hear the names Rothschild or Rockefeller. I was taught nothing about the banking system let alone any mention of them being owned by Private Banking families. No, I was taught about baby Jesus and a donkey, a little bit about how to use a Bunsen burner to set alight to your school tie plus a bit of table tennis.

I did however have some very real world experience in finance. My parents owned and ran a small Green Grocers in Norfolk UK. Going into the 1990’s everything was going well, business was great and I vaguely remember my dad having a sports car at one point (it was stolen a few weeks after he got it) but then suddenly everything started to go to shit. I remember by dad grumbling something about the new Supermarkets opening up in the town centre and how it would put small business like ours out of business. This was my introduction to how the world was being engineered into a centralisation of power and within four to six years our shop was long gone and so was our income.

Qualifications For Real Privilege in 2020

Today is Friday the 5th of June 2020 and we are currently in the middle of world wide insanity. I say world wide, but really this is just new to all of us in the West and by all of us I mean all races. We have just gone through psychopathic levels of abuse by our governments due to the “Pandemic” that is the Corona Virus, and now we are being gas lit into civil race wars since a police officer in Minneapolis killed an innocent man called George Floyd. I only mention this because we are now seeing the flipping of the narrative away from the failing Corona Virus lie towards the White Privilege lie. Let’s get this straight, there is NO white privilege and anyone with an ounce of common sense will understand that the only truly privileged in the world are those who should actually be in jail. I will explain why in this article.

The only truly privileged among us today have had to do some utterly satanic and disgusting things to gain that privilege. In the year 2020 here is the list of criminal activities those who have true privilege often indulge in to varying levels depending on their place in the hierarchy (status).

  • Child Trafficking
  • Drug running
  • Human Trafficking
  • Satanic Child Abuse
  • Arms Dealing
  • Pedophilia (Individual and Organised)
  • Trauma Based Mind Control
  • Political Manipulation
  • Black Mail (Satanic Rituals)
  • Intelligence Gathering (Mossad, MI5, CIA)
  • Human and Child Genetic Experiments (NASA, CIA)
  • Compulsive Media Lies and Propaganda (BBC, NBC, FOX, ABC, RT, CBS, C4)
  • Abuse of Human Rights (The Corona Virus Act 2020 not voting on in the HOC)
  • Satanic Worship and Occult Practices (The 9th Circle)
  • Murder and Kidnapping (MK Ultra, Montauk Project, Project Monarch)

These are just some of the disgusting activities that the most rich and famous around the world indulge in. Fame and Fortune are the offspring of a satanic cult that has its roots in esoteric teachings in books such as the Tulmad, Kabbalah and the Satanic Bible. Of course not all famous people or even wealthy people will be indulging in these things, but many are and to continue to climb higher and higher in your chosen field I am afraid that the above will show its ugly head somewhere along the line. Either you indulge or you look the other way and allow it to happen.

I recently interviewed a chap called Chris Thrall who just recorded a fantastic interview with pop Star Robbie Williams of Take That fame. Chris did an excellent job of challenging Robbie about the satanism that clearly goes on in both the music and film industries. Robbie looks into these subjects himself and i know he has had a long conversation with David Icke a few years back. He knows this stuff goes on but says he has never been invited which I completely believe of course. I have also worked with Brian Harvey of East 17 (Take That’s rival boyband in the 90’s) and he is completely clued up on this, yet he told me in person that he now see’s the signs and symbols in their music videos but at the time he had no idea. As an addition to that, the songwriter for East 17 Tony Mortimer was closely connected to the famous East End crime Twins The Krays, even being a Paul Bearer at Reggie Krays funeral, carrying his casket.

We know this stuff goes on of course, lets look at some of the names who swim or swam in the muddy waters listed above, in order to achieve fame, status and fortune. The same swamp US President Donald Trump promised to drain , but in fact has just filled with Nazi like Eugenisists such as Dr Fauci.

  • Jimmy Savile (BBC Pedophile, Satanist, Necrophiliac)
  • Prince Andrew (Friends with Jeffery Epstein & Visitor to his island)
  • Prince Charles (Companion to Jimmy Savile)
  • Lord Boothby (Alleged Pedophile, Friend of the Krays)
  • Max Clifford (Publicist for the Stars, Convicted Pedophile)
  • Edward Heath (Alleged Pedophile, friends with Savile)
  • Bryan Singer (Alleged Pedophile, Funder of DEN with Dave Geffen)
  • John of God (Ran baby farms, promoted by Oprah Winfrey)
  • Jeffery Epstein (Pedophile, friends with Donald Trump, Clintons, ran child trafficking ring)
  • Harvey Weinstein (Sex abuser, friends with Tom Hanks, Oprah, Meryl Streep)
  • Gary Glitter (Famous British Singer)

That is just a start and the ones that came to mind as I write this late at night. The reality is that if you want to really achieve life long Privilege you have at least got to participate in or turn the other cheek to the crimes listed above. I am not talking about a one hit wonder in the UK charts, or even a local political position, I am talking about a life long commitment to your career and a climb up (or down) the ladder in your chosen field.

This is how true privilege is paid for in the satanic inverted world we now live in, you really do have to sell you soul and abandon all of your moral values.

The Debt Collectors

So who do these sell outs pay their debt to? Well the list is long and has many different levels, remember we are going back hundreds of years but here are a few good places to begin your own research.

  • The Rothschild Banking Dynasty (formerly Bauer)
  • The Black Nobility (European Aristocracy and others)
  • The Windsors ( Saxe -Coburg and Gotha)
  • The Rockefeller Family
  • Bill and Melinda Gates
  • George Soros
  • Jeff Bezos
  • William of Orange
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Dave Geffen
  • Donald Trump (CIA, Heritage Foundation, CNP, Christian Zionist)
  • Boris Johnson (Zionist and answers to Jacob Rothschild)
  • George Bush (Snr and Jnr)
  • Barrack Obama
  • Josef Mengele
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Bill Clinton

You will soon find that the above list will begin to link in with the previous list of criminals, simply because this is how they operate. You will of course notice that Bill Clinton appears on both lists. Bill is possibly one of the most corrupt and depraved humans on planet earth.

This article and these lists are barely scratching at the surface of course, but they are a good place to start.

Think of these names as if they are rabbit holes on a golf course, somewhere deep within the earth in the pits of hell they all come together into one huge burrow of Satanism and depravity. All of these people above will attend several secret societies and “clubs” that again all lead back to what I would describe as Satanism, and the door code to get in reverts back to the list at the top of the page…the price of entry are the depraved crimes you pay with to get in.

These crimes are then filmed and documented and then used against you if you ever decide you want out. This is why we need to be careful because some people, especially child stars such as Michael Jackson , Corey Feldman or a Britney Spears would have been sold into these cults (Michaels mother was a staunch Jehovah Witness) and would have been abused all of their lives. Even Bill Gates would have grown up in the cult that is Planned Parenthood as his dad was the head of that particular cult for years.

Some of the factions, cults or groups to look at for and look into are:

  • The Bohemian Club
  • The Council on Foreign Relations
  • NASA
  • CIA
  • The Knights Templar
  • The Knights of Malta
  • Sabbatean Fankism
  • Zionism ( and Christian Zionism)
  • CERN (Nuclear Research Switzerland)
  • The Round Table
  • Skull and Bones
  • The Priory of Sion
  • Opus Dei
  • The Rosicrucians
  • The CNP (Council For National Policy)
  • Highest Levels of Freemasonry (33rd Degree Above)
  • Order of The Golden Dawn

Again you will find that many of the names on the previous lists will be found within some of these groups, cults and factions. It is truly amazing when you see the tapestry of deceit that has been woven throughout all of this orders. For example 14 US Presidents are known to have been Freemasons, I would suggest that number is much higher.

This cult have infiltrated banking, all religions, big tech, pharmaceuticals and medicine , mainstream media, politics, commerce, industry, trade and royalty. This is the true Virus that has eaten away at the flesh of humanity, not some Viral infection that the test doesn’t even test for (the Covid 19 test can only test for genetic material not an actual Virus).

Its A Big Club…Don’t Join It

As the incredible George Carlin said “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it” and thank God everyday that you are not. Those who have sold their souls and thrown their moral values out of the window have to pay the price everyday. The longer they cling to fame and fortune the deeper they get into the darkness, having to do even more bizarre satanic things or at the very least having to live with the fact that they turned a blind eye to the likes of Harvey Weinstein abusing young actresses or a Jeffery Epstein trafficking you children to his island. Just look at the famous names who visited Jeffery Epstein’s Island.

  • Bill Clinton
  • Chris Tucker
  • Stephen Hawkins
  • Kevin Spacey
  • Naomi Campbell
  • Alan Dershowitz
  • Larry Summers
  • Steven Pinker (Scientist)

Here is a link for more info on visitors to Epstein’s Private Island https://www.insider.com/famous-people-flown-jeffrey-epsteins-private-plane-lolita-express-2019-7

This is not to say that everyone who went to the Island was involved with what Epstein was doing, not at all but it shows the circles of people that were swanning around this sort of criminal organisation.

Was It Worth It?

Once you are in the fame and fortune fame, is it worth the price of entry? These freshly famous faces will be constantly worrying if the mainstream media (owned by the Banking Families and Black Nobilities) are going to out them in print, on the Mainstream News or via Social Media. Some will be willingly going along with it simply because they are psychopaths, some will be stuck in it because they were abused as children and cannot get out (Michael Jackson, Britney) and others will be so addicted to the spot light that they will start to believe in the character they are playing (Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks).

Others will try to break out such as JFK, Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Britney Spears, River Phoenix, Corey Helm & Feldman and others will just wait it out until they die such as Bob Dylan (he admitted as much).

You get nothing for free in this life, NO ONE DOES and the only privileged ones are an elite bloodline race who believe themselves to be the descendant’s of the Anunnaki, an ancient race who may have created the Human Race to begin with. If that sounds too out there for you, think about this. For there to be a need for the label “Human Race” there would have had to have been another race to differentiate us from, without another race there would be no need to call us “Humans” we would all simply be people.

There exists plenty of esoteric and historical evidence to show that humanity was engineered into existence. By engineered I am referring to our physical bodies and brain capabilities not our souls which are part of the true one consciousness. It is my belief after 15 years of research that we were created by an off world race, thus the need for our own name “Humans” as a label to identify us as. I also believe that it is either the bloodline relatives of that Annunaki race who control us today, or at the very least a select bloodline of cold blooded (Blue Bloods) psychopaths who believe themselves to be descendant’s. You will find many of those bloodlines listed in the first list in this article especially the Rothschild’s and British Royals.


No individual human race is privileged, we are all equally under the jack boot of these psychopaths and all of this ridiculous race bating is simply a weapon to keep us fighting amongst ourselves so we wont have time to stop….take a breath, do the research and look at the real abusers who control the Governments of the world.

These controllers are the Satanists, Banking Families and those we out source our decision making to… all listed at the top of this article. Now is the time to inform yourself, do your own research and stop looking to politicians, bosses, wealthy families and psychopathic criminals for you cues. They can only control 8 Billion of us if we allow them to.

Richard Willett


Show notes From the below video: Why I believe that we are being distracted from something much bigger that is playing out in the Shadows which will effect not only our lives by the reality we live in. They are attempting to usurp GOD and thus become GODS themselves, whilst connecting with their Messiah (Kronus) the God of the original SUN Saturn.


Part 1 – Kronus & Saturn Worship (SATANISM)

  • Kronus or Cronos, was the king of the TITANS and is another name for the planet SATURN.
  • Kronus was knonw as Father Time, Santa, Death 
  • Kronus carried the Sickel as does Death, he was the Ruler of Time (Chronological) 
  • He had children with his sister (OPS) 
  • He ate all his children so they could not take the thrown from him – Child sacrifice 
  • OPS smuggled Zeus out of the way, Zeus returned to kill his father by getting him to swollow a stone which made him SICK up all the Lost Children he had swollowed, these became the planets such as Jupiter. 

Part 2 – Saturn Symbols / Transmission & The Black Cube

  • The Black Cube represents Saturn 
  • The huge Black Cube at Mecca called Kaaba is said to Represent Saturn 
  • Worshippers circle Saturn which represents the Rings of Saturn 
  • A flattened out Crucifix can be folded back up into a perfect Cube 
  • The Jewish faith wear a Cube on their heads (Tefflin) containing scrolls 
  • The Transmissions gathered in Audio form from Saturn by NASA form a Cube (Hexegon) when put into liquids. 
  • The centre of the Cube (See through) represents our DNA/RNA
  • ISIS/Semiramis/Statue of Liberty is considered Saturns (Cronus) eldest daughter.
  • The Balck Sun, Saturday

Occult Symbols 

  • The Star of David represents the Cube – Rothschilds use this as their family embellem
  • The Star of David has 6 Triangles around the middle Hexagon. 
  • We get the head of Baphoment drawn around the Six Pointed Star, this also correlates with CERN which is named after CERNUNNOS an ancient Cetic God. His name means (Horned One) which clearly is Baphomet and likely PAN. 
  • 666 adds the equasions found within the Six pointed STAR, it was not called The Star of David until the 17th Century. All andlges of the Six pointed STAR are 60 Degrees x3 is 666
  • The okay sign in Music Industry and Hollywood is 666 – 3 6’s around the eye 
  • We find these black Cubes in thousands of Logo’s including the INTEL , Black Cube Intellegence Agencey and monuments around the planet including Apple. 
  • Halo’s around the head also represent Saturn
  • Saturn was the Original SUN, original SIN. Babylon were worshipping Saturn and not our SUN.
  • Hollywood is a Satanic Ritual from Rome (Holywood) around the lake Diana, they sold their sold to become a STAR. Hollywood is a replica of Holywood in Rome.

Part 3 – CERN & Covid Distraction

  • CERN – connects with CERNUNNOS 
  • They house the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) particle accelerator 
  • Two high-energy particle beams travel at close to the speed of light before they are made to collide
  • CERN is home to a statue of the Hindu Goddess Shiver – The Transformer , destroyer of worlds to restore, renew and reconstruct. 
  • There is a video of a group of Satanic people performing a ritualistic Dance on the grounds of CERN
  • They are trying to life the Veil to another world, to connect with the Gods of Cronus (Saturn)
  • CERN Logo is clearly a 666

Part 4 – Covid Connections

  • Imperial College Gave the Lockdown Stats through Neil Ferguson which led to Lockdown
  • Imperial College collected the DATA for NASA’s Cassini Probe of Saturn, Collecting Magnetic Transmission DATA
  • Imperial College are sponsored by Astra Zeneca who were given the $750 million contract for Covid Vaccines. 
  • Aztra Zeneca are working with charities on the distrubution of Vaccines that are connected to the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation.
  • Add up all the letters in CORONA and you get 666
  • The Transmissions from SATURN are shows as a black CUBE,
  • Our DNA is efffected by magnetic transmissions.

Part 5 – Tech and 5G 

  • Elon Musk is talking about connecting our minds to A.I Neruo Link , is this to plug us into an alternate reality transmitted from Saturn? 
  • Others want to ripe the veil into another world, which may have happened at CERN. They shut it down in 2018, for maintenace. 
  • 5G at 60ghz is show to effect the bloody carrying oxygen around the body.

The Race Theory

  • Are we seeing a race to gain control over Humanity , a battle of the self delluded GODS?
  • We have those who want to connect us to 5G, Transhumanism …. sold as a way to fend of the out of control Artifical Intellegence. 
  • We also appear to have a group of people trying to life the Viel of this world into the next, has something come in? 
  • This is all been shown in the Prophecy of the Middle East, The Rapture and return to the Messiah to Jerusalem to sit on the thrown in the new Solomons Temple as king of The World.

Could transmissions from Saturn and the work being done at CERN have anything to do with the sudden shifts in our lives. In just six months we have seen so many distruptions I believe there is much more to this than just a Novel Corona Virus.


It maybe all a far fetched theory but these Chronus Satanic worshipping psychopaths believe themselve to be the descendance of the Gods of Atlantis, Annunaki Reptilain Race and even if we think it is all nonsesne, some very Rich and powerful (in this reality terms) poeple believe they have the right to play GOD, and even usurp the GODS. 

This will not end well for Humanity, who are considered slaves. 


  • The Great Reset – Prince Charles Spoke at The World Economic Forum on this
  • LockStep – The Rockefeller (Pandemic)
  • Agenda 2030
  • Project For The New American Century
  • Roll out of Tracking Software 
  • Semi Forced Vaccines – Restrictions without compliance
  • ID 2020/ 5G MMW untested / Neura Link / 

There is a clear speeding up of the One World Control Agenda, we have the pedophile Child Trafficking Rings falling down….is Satanism being dragged out into the light and making a last minute grab towards the finish line, weather thats lifting the vieil between this world and the next or creating a Holographic Matrix of their own…something has spooked the Elites and I would suggest we are being distracted from something MUCH MUCH BIGGER than a Virus that has been shown to be little more than seasonal Flu. 

Links For Further Research

Imperial/ Vaccines /Covid



Imperial/ Saturn/ NASA



More info on CERN


Myself and Jaymie icke just got back from New Zealand before the UK went into Lockdown. We were over there filming for a new Documentary for http://ickonic.com about the reality of EMF and 5G MM waves. So it is of no surprise to me that New Zealand have just revealed the worlds first A.I police officer called Ella.

Here’s a charming little video about Ella and how she’s going to put you all in jail…i mean help!

Never was it a more inappropriate time for the Government of New Zealand to be gregariously flaunting the handing over of jobs from real people to Artificial Intelligence than now. Since the illegal imprisonment of the Western world kicked in , New Zealand’s unemployment rate has risen to 4.2 % from 4% in December of 2020, and we have not even begun to see the real fall out of this Lockdown world wide. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=12329876


So far the mainstream media in New Zealand ( a deeply Masonic place below the beautiful surface) have tried to introduce Ella in a softly softly way, stating how she is there to greet and help visitors to the police station (I am not too sure how she will deal with a murder yet but hey) . What we are likely to see is the roll out of Ella’s everywhere including on the dash board screen of your new SMART car, reminding you of your social distancing expectations and updating you in real time of any laws you have accidentally broke that you had never even heard of. Yes…she’s a car Nazi !

Ella stands for Electronic Life Like Assistant, which begs the question : what will life be like if this becomes the new normal? What is hilarious is the statement that Ella is “the mix of 26 different people” which is code for “not racist”. The article below then goes on to tell us that she will primarily be there to greet people, but then goes on to allude to Ella’s being rolled out across the country. They have even tried to humanise her by saying it will only happen if she does well in her work trial ….what the fuck! it’s something you plug in the wall, it’s like saying “I’ll keep the toaster but only if it behaves itself” this is the utter lunacy and and example of the stunted Woke mentality we are dealing with now.

Other brilliantly weird features include reporting a Crime, which will include Ella putting you through to someone at a call centre…so whats the point, would it not be easier to speak with a human in the first place……this is about disconnecting humans from each other. This alone shows the utter lunacy of it, but is it lunacy ? or are we being told it’s for one thing when Ella’s actual purpose is another? namely surveillance in the ever increasing Police State.

To me Ella is just a simply a soft sell towards allowing more surveillance into your life but this time its got a police ladies face whacked on it so you know its the law. Eventually you will get a little ELLA projecting out from the top of your Alexa and telling you off in your own home.

Since the introduction of home computers by companies such as IMB and Macintosh (Apple Mac) we have been inviting technology into our homes more and more, at the same time we have been sending our DATA and personal information out to be gathered up by the Big Tech companies. Most people will not know that many governments of the world were sold software and hardware for their security systems with backdoors to Israel installed in them called “Promis” software, even they are at the mercy of Big Tech.

Dropping Hints & Sowing Seeds

The most sinister part of the article comes at the very bottom when Police Commissioner Mike Bush states “we hope to have them in stations across New Zealand as well as non police locations” That last part clearly shows this has nothing to do with helping the citizens of New Zealand and everything to do with gathering DATA on what you are doing, where you are going and crucially for implementing Draconian and totalitarian laws that the Nazi’s would be giddy over. On that point let’s be grown ups, the Nazi party never went away, at the end of the second world war they simply either exchanged their Jack Boots for NASA white lab coats (Operation Paperclip) or dark suits. Most recently they have really down graded and put on T Shirts, trainers and grabbed a coffee as the Woke kids of Silicon Valley and its equivalent in Israel.

They also went into police forces world wide which are widely controlled by the upper levels of the Freemasons, whilst already controlling the intelligence services such as MI5, MI6 and the CIA/Mossad. I am sure they always controlled the national Police at some level but it is more apparent than ever before in 2020.


This latest totalitarian tiptoe may appear simply ludicrous on the surface, but like everything these 0.01% roll out on us Goyim it has a deeply satanic purpose, which is clearly a move towards a totalitarian tyranny and a police state.

So when you see Ellen, tell her we known her game….and maybe pop a shopping bag over the screen and talk to a real person, God knows they will need the work. Or pop a shopping bag over your head so she can’t see you.

Richard Willett


Well what an amazing, terrifying, amusing, confusing and bizarre few months here on planet earth this has been. The most terrifying thing for me personally was seeing how many millions of grown adults meekly excepted what the UK Prime Minster said during his public announcements via the corrupt mainstream media, the same can be said for the US.

It was truly Orwellian to see this private school boy and his half wit mates making decisions on nonsensical outcomes, whilst pumping shit into computer models at Imperial College and then shinning up the turd when the results came out.

They Still Have Crayon Around Their Mouths

We appear to be on the back end of this in the UK (for now, watch for wave 2) and the numbers are just mind blowing to anyone with an ounce of common sense. The severity of this Lockdown will be felt in this country for decades to come, as small business owners scrape around to rebuild the mess that Boris and his school yard mates have made, on the request of the Elite banking families of course.

Only today i saw a young lad crying on Twitter with relief that his Barclay Card loan have been accepted and thanking the Tory Government and Boris Johnson. Here we have a decent working class lad completely unaware that it was Boris Johnson and his parties insane decisions that put him and his business on the edge of extinction in the first place. He was literally thanking his abusers for the little mercy he and his family were given….proper Oliver Twist it was.

Counting On Their Fingers

So lets just have a look at some of these numbers shall we. Whilst we do, bare in mind these are not stats that have appeared not because of the Lockdown, but in spite of the Lockdown. Also bare in mind that the test is only really testing for the genetic material, so there many never have been a virus as such.

The genius that is Professor Neil Ferguson used his computer models “Shit in” to come up with the DATA that terrified UK Prime Minster Boris Johnson into shutting the entire country in their homes, with a little budge from Matt Hancock. The initial predictions were that 66,000 people would die of the “COVID 19” virus in the UK which would mean at least 3,000 a day. This was from the Virus itself not Co-morbidity and a blanket number for all ages and backgrounds in the UK.

Lets look at the UK outcomes

The average age of those dying with the virus is over 80yr old, with a third of them coming from Care Homes. 95% of all of those dying over the age of 80 with Covid 19 have co-morbid issues such as diabetes, dementia and serious lung and kidney disease (stands to reason really).

Below that we have the under 40’s who make up 33 deaths in total, with 3 deaths under the age of 19, precise numbers there. To me this is the reason they came up with the “contact tracing” nonsense saying that you “could be a carrier without knowing it” which is just fear porn. Very few children under 18 actually got any sign of the virus and those in their middle ages (working age) barely got it either.

The conclusion is that you were only likely to get it if you were elderly and had pre existing conditions that were serious enough to be put on the death certificate as well. These elderly people were dying with Covid 19 not of it.

With that in mind you are more likely to be killed in a road accident (should we ban driving) or drowning (thank fuck for armbands). You are also more likely to be stuck by lightening, and I am not even using that as an example, you literally are more likely to be stuck by lighting.

When we entered into this Lockdown, Professor Neil Ferguson (resigned after breaking his own Lockdown rules to see his married girlfriend) and his computer models (shit out) predicted we would have almost half a million deaths in the UK alone.

Now lets bare that in mind today (May 20th) when we look at the world wide deaths from people with Covid 19 …..320,000 deaths WORLD WIDE! Again these are people dying with not of Covid 19.

The Lockdown

What all this really shows is that no matter how you twist the Rubix cube of UK Government spiel the Lockdown was clearly out of proportion to the real danger to the people of Britain. Now we are going to start seeing the very real fall out from that decision, one that has the potential to cause far more deaths through suicide, depression and the forthcoming economic disaster that is about to decimate the country.

I recently interviewed Simon Dolan, a British Millionaire business who is taking on the UK Government and demanding they answer for their completely inept and possibly criminal approach to the whole Coronavirus Situation. You can here the full interview on my Glitch In The Code Show Bitchute Channel.https://www.bitchute.com/video/dSJFOLsL3qQN/

Simon is calling for Legal action to be taken against the British Government, who on the 14th May responded to Simon’s legal teams letter. You can support Simons campaign here https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/lockdownlegalchallenge/

Basic Human Rights

If anything good is to come out of this it must be the overall understanding that our UK Government are at the very least inept, and i would suggest they are criminally so. They have abused our basic human rights by forcing us to stay in doors our of fear, they have caused the closure of thousands of small business (pure market grab) they have abused the trust of every single human being in the UK. They have purposely confused a nation and made us fearful of each other, a classic emotional abuse tactic.

This abuse of trust in not something you need to think about , you can feel when you have been abused. When you are in a relationship with an abuser they will do two main things 1: convince you that they are doing it for your own good 2: convince you that you are not capable of dealing with life without them.

I wrote in my previous article that we are freedom, we cannot be granted freedom by a small bloodline cult of Psychopaths who pull the strings of the idiotic crayon crunchers in our Government. This whole Corona Virus situation could be our crowing (Corona means Crown) moment to finally push past the idiots and get to the real abusers who control the Banking System, which now lends 100x the amount it has in deposits and then charges you interest on it. Of course there is no money in the system to pay that interest back, and this is how the scam works. This is also how the Rothschild’s have come to hold Private Central Banks in almost every country around the world.

There are 8 Billion human beings on the planet (thus the reason Bill Gates and his Cult want to cull the herd with a Vaccine) and there only a handful of them. We need to educate people in the psychology so we can all spot the signs and common traits. We also need to learn to see past the divisions and diversions of political parties, countries, races, religion to see that the real criminals are those who run the banks and they control Boris and his crayon eating pals.

We must never let this happen again.

Richard Willett


What is the use in being alive if you do not have your liberty? what is the point in a pretty jail cell if you have to get permission to leave? your liberty is your life and without it you are essentially a slave. Not only that you become a slave to a small percentage of people who have none of the skills, talents, intellect and human value that you do, that is why they must enslave you because they are afraid of you.

In the video below Sheriff Richard Mack explains why the Governments have no right to implement any of these Draconian rules and why they can and will only ever be allowed to suggest them. Sheriff Mack is one of the only people to take on Bill Clinton at the Supreme Court and win.

In just eight short weeks the West has lots it’s marbles. Insanity can be seen spewing down the isles of every super market in the UK and every Shopping Mall in the US. Grown adults wear rubber gloves and masks to go shopping, not for once questioning the absurdity of it all. Having to abide by such stupidity is another assault on your liberty and it is demoralising by design.

This has never and was never about a supposed Virus that still cannot be found, only the genetic material can be identified. This is about control and is a world wide psych-op. The fact that they cannot even test for Covid 19 brings in to disrepute the entire groundings of Germ theory. The video below by Dr Andrew Kaufman might help shed some light on the insanity of these tests. After you have watched this, contemplate for a minute that knowing this they are still trying to jab you in the arse with a Vaccine….for what?! and to what end?

Something Dr Kaufman mentions in this interview is a medical practice called “Microporation” which messes with an individuals DNA . We have to start to question everything and I mean everything including Germ Theory. https://www.genengnews.com/magazine/85/streamlining-gene-delivery-with-microporation/

Microporation is a practice where they implant foreign DNA it into your cells…yes your read that right. According to Dr Kaufman they apply an electrical current between two additional needles, which opens up holes in your cells so they can insert this foreign DNA. This practice will turn you into a genetically modified organism. This is all part of the Vaccine scam and I would suggest we all start answering questions about this practice fast.

Every time these psychopaths keep information from you they limit your choices, which means they restrict your God given human right to choose because how can you locate the right choice for yourself and your family if the options are being hidden from you?

One thing to bare in mind is that human right violations and far worse have been going on for decades in places like China and much of the Middle East, especially in Palestine. Many in the West have lived in relative luxury compared to what these poor sods have been born into, and it speaks volumes that it is only now that the world is starting to rise up because essentially there is no one left to abuse.

These human rights violations are nothing knew, they have been going on for decades, it’s just that the people of the Western World have been able to largely turn the other cheek….until they came knocking on our door a few months ago.

The Gaza strip has been an open air prison for a long time, the people of Palestine have been raped, murdered and abused on mass as the Satanic Agenda for a new Solomons Temple has slowly decimated their lives and homes.

This is very famous poem and my word was Martin Niemoller right. But we did not heed the words and now they are knocking on our front doors, trying to force us to take vaccines against our will, tracking us on Contract Tracing apps, keeping people psychically apart…all things these satanists have no lawful right to do. And even if they do pass laws….fuck them off, they are against basic human rights, God given rights that are above any living entity to touch or meddle with.

The Medical profession is a system the was shaped to serve the Big Pharma and Banking Cartel needs and was not designed to sever the poeple. We need to look at the medical industry and pull it apart to put it back together again, especially when it comes to Germ theory and Vaccines.

Please do not think I have anything against the medical industry, of course I don’t. I was born in 1981 with something called an Esophageal Atresia and Tracheoesophageal fistula which meant food could not get to my stomach and I had to be fed through feeding tubes. https://ghr.nlm.nih.gov/condition/esophageal-atresia-tracheoesophageal-fistula

After over 20 operations I was able to live a somewhat normal life although I still struggle to eat and keep food down which effects many areas of my life, especially when it comes to energy. So I am completely behind the incredible surgeons and NHS staff in the UK. Of course I am, what I have a problem with is the Big Pharma companies and Big Tech companies killing kids all over the world with shitty vaccines in accordance with the Georgia Guide stones and the wishes of Psychopaths like Bill and Melinda Gates.

This whole Covid 19 situation has very little to do with a mystery Virus and everything to do with the ongoing Agenda to take away our liberties. Much of this was spelled out to the public in Agenda 2030 (Previously Agenda 21) but very few people will known about these documents, and even less will care to read them. Remember they have to tell us what they are doing, it is called Revelation of the Method, and by doing so they believe they pass on the responsibility to us to stop them.


There really is no other example of the fragility of our liberties all over the world than the Statue of Liberty itself which does not represent what you think. It was given to the US by French Freemasons and is a depiction of Queen Semiramis, which is another name for the character of The Virgin Mary. These are Sun worshiping occultists and Queen Semiramis is a Sun Goddess. You will also find the flame she is holding at both of the assassination locations for Princess Diana and JFK. https://missionignition.net/lynda/semiramis.php two people who tried to speak out about this death obsessed cult.

They also appear to be fixated with Saturn (Satan) which some researchers belief to be our Earths original Sun (Sin).

This article may have been a bit of a ramble but that is the nature of this research. You start off a point A and you quickly come to realise that it’s connected to the entire Alphabet of seemingly distant topics.

Our liberty is an illusion if we have to ask for it, it really is that simple. We as soverign human beings cannot be seen to be asking for our freedoms, we take them as they are our God given birth right. We do not ask permission to refuse a vaccine we just refuse and tell them to fuck off, and we do not aks permission to go out of our homes, we just go out.

We cannot allow these psychopaths to cross our moral bounderies. We do not ask for permission for basic human rights. We do not meekly ask for the permission to earn a living, we do not ask for permission to speak our mind, we do not ask for permission to freely move around our planet and we do not even have to justify these things with an answer…..we do not answer to the 1% we answer only to our own individual moral values.

Everything else is bullshit and fear.

Richard Willett

DELETE THE ELITE – Control Alt Delete

Does it ever feel like you woke up in the middle of a Marvel Superhero movie? two months ago the West of the world was titled on its axis and the “Super Villains” crawled out from within the shadows and showed their hands. But being villains also means they are essentially cowards, so they hid behind the shield of a “Virus” called Covid 19.

Now wether you believe this was an actual Virus or not, nobody can dispute that they have used it to roll out some of the biggest components of their Agenda for centralisation of power. Covid 19 is being used as a Trojan Hoarse, stuffed to the brim with Agenda-isms that are pounding on your front door, literally in some states in the US.

Like any good superhero movie, there are C list villains, B list Villains and then top tier Super Villains who you very rarely see. And like all good villains there are some that are outright lunatics (Bush Snr, Hillary Clinton) and some who have been born into evil (Bill Gates, Bush Jnr) and others that have been fostered into the cult (Boris Johnson, Donald Trump). I know this is a childlike analogy but it’s fun and something to lighten up the fact that we are heading to a very fucked up future if you don’t recognise who the true villains are and fast…and by fast I mean yesterday.

So which Super Villains really control the likes of the B and C list villains such as Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros, Donald Trump, Boris Johnson. For us to stand any chance of stopping the onslaught of Transhumanism within the Technocracy that is the combination of George Orwell’s 1984 and Auldous Huxely’s Brave New World (they actually knew each other well) we need to identify who is really at the core of all of this chaos, and then make it clear to the general public who is a puppet and who is pulling the strings. As my dad used to say “Don’t talk to the monkey, speak to the organ grinder”


The state of the world today can be traced all the way back to pre Babylonia and Sumerian texts and books such as the Bagavagita and the book of Enoch, which speak of an entire faction of “Gods” who ruled the earth and seeded the human race. The most modern cog in this Satanic Agenda was set in motion in the late 1700’s and involved three men who’s Agenda was the blueprint of the carnage we are currently battling with today.

In the late 1700’s , three men met who would change the future of mankind for the next few hundred years. These three men brought together their individual assets to push forward an ancient agenda for a New World Order. Now I know that term has been used to the point of absurdity (on purpose) but that does not make it any less true. We have recent Prime Minsters and Presidents using the phrase as a nod and a wink to their puppet masters. These include former British Prime Minster Gordon Brown, US Presidents George Bush Jnr and Snr, Borrack Obama and even the devil himself Henry Kissinger.

The New World Order is now more commonly referred to as “The Deep State” especially in the US where current President Donald Trump rode that one to the White House.

In the late 1700’s the then head of the Bavarian Illuminati Adam Weishupt met with Mayer Amshel Rothschild and Jacob Frank to organise themselves and full fill a centuries old agenda for a New World Order. Of course Weishupt was really only the current brand manager of this already established institute. But none the less he is accredited with it’s infiltration of FreeMasonry, the top degree’s of which follow the same Sabbatian Occultism. Weishupt was then joined by Jacob Frank who was a devout Sabbatian, which was a Cult started by Sabbatia Zevi in the 1600’s. Frank and Weishupt were then joined by Mayer Amschel Rothschild who finances this whole dastardly plot (formerly Red Shield after the Red star of David on their door).

Here we have three very influential men coming together and bringing with them all of their contacts, followers and belief systems to push forward a centuries old satanic prophecy. This system of control still exists today and the only thing that was once standing in their way appears to have been the Christian belief system and the belier in a forgiving and compassionate God, as expressed by the biblical version of Jesus Christ. Christianity has also been infiltrated as is apparent with Christian Zionism which buys in to the whole returning Messiah narrative. Donald Trump is controlled by the Christian Zionists and is a puppet of Israel, which is a country created by the Rothschild’s. They even put the star of David on the flag but in blue.

What we need to understand is that by 2020 this network has expanded the entire planet, boosted by both World Wars of which the private banking families funded ALL sides and reaped the rewards. Over the decades that have past the Rothschild banking family and other private banking families such as the Goldsmiths and the Rockerfellers have taken over all the national banks using their fractional reserve lending scam. They have also brought and paid for all mainstream media outlets with B list Villians such as Rupert Murdoch controlling that arm of the Octopus of Control. They have funded Tech Giants and own Silicon Valley and Isreal https://apex.aero/2019/05/22/startup-nation-israel-become-silicon-valley

They control the internet through institutes like DARPA via black budget projects paid for by the tax payer (remember the 2 Trillion that went missing in the US, announced the day before the Twin Towers were struck) More info here https://www.911facts.dk/?p=7644&lang=en

David Ickes book “The Trigger” pulls apart the official narrative of 9/11 and highlights the bread crumbs lead right back to this same Sabbatean Cult. And then here we are in 2020 seeing this same hidden hand desperately trying to roll out their Agenda whilst we sleep in doors, because they know we are about to wake up. It is clear to anyone who is even semi awake that the COVID 19 Plandemic is a Trojan Horse for many elements of the planned One World Agenda. Here are just some of the Agenda elements shoved into the horse as it slowly tramples its way across our lives.

Connecting the brain to A.I, Forced Vaccines, Military on the streets, Martial Law, Social Distancing, Germ warfare, Contact Tracing Apps, Self policing, Information censorship on a mass scale, Changing DNA via Vaccines, Microchipped Population, Laws to allow DATA tracking, 5G MMW at 60ghz, Drone Surveillance, Police State.

I could keep going but if this short list does not begin to wake you up then there really is little hope for you. All this for a Virus they cannot find, only the genetic material that most of us will have in our bodies. I would also suggest you look into Microporation and what it means for our DNA.


This cult has its roots in the “mythologies” of the Anunnaki and the stories of Plato, reaching right back in time to describe how we human beings were created as a slave race to serve this Annunaki bloodline. Unfortunately some of the most wealthy families and bloodlines on earth today believe themselves to be descendent from this bloodline and therefore they have a birth right to rule over us! but just like the days of the Great Flood there are now far too many of us for them to outright rule. So they are using technology to cull the heard, as they have made publicly clear in Ted Talks by the lunatic Bill Gates and even on the Georgia Guide Stones. They want to cull 8 Billion down to a more manageable 500 Million.

I recently interviewed author and Senior Churchman Paul Wallis for my Glitch In The Code Show on Ickonic.com, who has written an incredible book on how his biblical teachings of over 30 years call into question the singular God theory, replacing it with a plural “Gods” and those Gods appear to have been the Annuanki and the creators of man, in their image.

It is Paul’s belief that we were seeded by an off world race, or at the very least genetically engineered and upgraded, and there is plenty of evidence to back him up all around us. We know we do not use the full functionality of our brain, so Paul suggest that some of this may have been purposely “switched off”. I would be inclined to believe that this is also going to be a major effect of 5G MMW technology as they try to push back the tide of a world wide awakening. This would also be the desperation behind B List Villain Elon Musk and his nonsense about connect our minds to the “Cloud” as well as the Internet of Things. In this regards the ALT stands for Alter which I am pretty sure this ruling class (satanists) have done to our DNA many times over thousand of years. There is no such thing as a Social Experiment, the experiment is social society and we are being used as the pawns in their petri dish.

But……they are terrified of us, and its a terror they have held within themselves for generations, through wars, through battles, through the tangled web of lies they have woven in human history. If anything is obvious right now its that these Super Villains are acting like terrified bullies and abusers who are about to get called out.


So who are the real Super Villains here? they are clearly not Donald Trump or Boris Johnson’s of the world, it also does not come from Bill Gates or Elon Musk or the Super Villians of the moment like Dr Fauci or Nick Hancock in the UK.

The true control comes from a Sabbatean Cult that infiltrated the secret societies such as Freemasonry hundreds of years ago. This cult own the private banking systems, they control the mainstream and parts of the alternative media (Rebel Media) they control Big Pharma, Big Business, Big Tech and the entire Military Industrial Complex as well as the “space programmes”. This cult consists of 13 Bloodline families and approximately 300 outer strands spread all over the world. At the core we have families such as The Rothschild’s, The Rockerfeller’s and The British Royals. In reality there only a few thousand of them who really pull the strings, at least on the earth surface.

And thats where the Delete comes in. There are now almost 8 Billion human beings on planet earth, our home. We are talking about a few thousand psychopaths who are controlling our lives, but only because we let them. We are fed a shit show of “fake Information, fake History, fake Science” from day one at primary school and off into high school and universities. We then take that bullshit into the world and the more we toe the line the more stuff they give us, to fill our empty souls.

Now in the year 2020 they are trying to roll out their latest attempt at subverting humanity (Hermetic Principles) through Trans-humanism and the layering over of our reality with a Technocratic sub reality that they control. They want to play subvert God the same way they tried to do with the Tower of Babel and to do this they have built a new tower, quantum computers.

This is where B list Villains like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg come in, who were themselves lured in by the promise of “Precious” things which were denied to them at high school due to them being geeks and outcasts.

The psychopaths with the money have fostered and gas lit the psychopathy in these Geeks and now they believe they will inherit the earth, when in reality they will be thrown under the bus as soon as the public twig too much (like Epstein and Weinstein). Remember this is a cult, it functions like a cult, it makes cult like promises and prophecies, it abuses it’s cult members and it has one aim…..to overthrow God and live forever.

This bloodline cult is attempting to delete humanity, both on the Macro and the Micro levels. But again they are terrified of the masses because they are few and we are many, thus the reason they are trying to vaccinate everyone to destroy our natural immune system (what killed the Aliens in War of The Words? The Common Cold) and it is our immune (human) system that makes us Super Human. It’s our Virus blocker that they do not have.

These bloodlines are truly a different race from us, and I do not think it’s too much of a stretch of the imagination to think of them as Sub-Human.

So sit back and Marvel at these maniacs as they try to fire fight the spirit of man which is about to overcome them once and for all. It many not happen in my life time, but I believe we are the defenders of the earth and the keepers of the truth (information) and we are here to make sure our children and grandchildren do not have to live in the dystopian nightmare they are now shoving down our throats.

Richard Willett


Well Well Well, It looks like Trump has had his bum bum smacked by the banking families and is now bending over and sending the Military to distribute the “Vaccine” ..yes the same vaccine for a virus they can’t even isolate using the normal Koch’s postulates guidelines, which according to Dr Andrew Kaufman and many others are decades old and not completely trust worthy.

In this interview with Fox Business, a channel owned by another elite stooge Rupert Murdoch, Trump explains his plan to roll out the Vaccine. This is a plan Bill Gates would be proud of. We have to give Trump some credit for pointing out that it is mostly the elderly and those in care homes that are “infected”. What I am most interested in here will be the reaction of the QAnon followers. If you do not know what QAnon is then you are in for a treat. The basic belief is that Donald Trump is heading up a plan to take on the “Deep State” and to live up to his original promise to “Drain the swamp” which so far we have so very little if any evidence of.

As the creator of the above video Spiro says, it is the worrying admittance that the military will be used to distribute the vaccine. That’s just what we need, G.I Joe knocking at your door telling you to bend over or you can’t go to work. Now remember this is an experimental vaccine, that has never been used in any other situation and is skipping the years of testing and researching that would eliminate many of the issues.

It would usually take years for this sort of vaccine to be fit for any sort of human use, so we are literally going to be the test dummies for this latest chapter in the madhouse. Lets just compute this, Donald Trump a TV Show hosts and failed entrepreneur (bailed out by Wilber Rose) wants to use the military to inject old people with an untested vaccine for a “virus” that can’t be found through the usual testing methods……sounds legit to me! Mayer Amschel Rothschild and Hitler would be proud, certainly Bill Gates is wetting himself with glee.

A quick look at Trumps operation “Warp Speed” is an eyebrow raiser, read more here https://www.usnews.com/news/top-news/articles/2020-05-14/trump-says-will-mobilize-us-military-to-deliver-coronavirus-vaccine


I absolutely love the US simply for their ridiculously Marvel-esque names for their “operations” and this next one is just incredible. Operation Warp Speed will “pick a diverse set of vaccine candidates” and pour a whole lot of much needed Tax payers money into fast tracking this vaccine whilst testing it out on the clueless public. Yes , they are paying for their own experimental torture and loving it.

More about these Bond Villains Warp Speed here https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/05/unveiling-warp-speed-white-house-s-america-first-push-coronavirus-vaccine

The press release states that they plan to ship out over 500 Million pre filled syringes, with only 328 Million people living in the united states thats more than enough for every women, child and man (can we still say that) in the entire country, with a bit left over for a lock in. As of the writing of this article we have over 800 people in the UK who have volunteered to be jabbed with a cocktail of who knows what. I am not having a pop at those who have lined up to be a test dummy, its clear that each and everyone of them believe themselves to be doing the right thing, but imagine the horror that might engulf them if even one of those volunteers gets seriously ill….or grows a third ear.

In the UK the vaccine was knocked together in just under three months at Oxford University, the same university where Boris Johnson got proper pissed up in the exclusive Bullingdon Club, which is the UK’s equivalent of the famous Skull and Bones Society also known as “The brotherhood of death” at Yale University in the US (Both George Bush snr & jnr were members). What is important here is that these Universities are simply feeder systems for the Elite, so it was a shoo in that the “vaccine” would be knocked up in three months at Oxford University in the UK.


The QAnon narrative has hijacked the conspiracy theory (A CIA Term) world and ushered in its own Messiah, and of all people its Donald Trump. I cannot believe in a sane world we trust in Donald Trump to save the world but scoff at anyone who shows the clear historical evidence that families such as the Rothschilds and the Rockerfellers actually run the world because they control the flow of money.

To be fair to Trump he played the crowd like a fiddle on the lead up to his election, which he perfected by being involved with the WWE wrestling foundation and going up against their establishment baddy Vince McMahon. This rolled over to the “real world when President Trump appointed Vince’s wife Linda McMahon to head up the small business department of his team. According to Wikapedia Q has accused many A List Hollywood names as being involved in child trafficking rings, which we actually known to be true as evident by the likes of Jeffery Epstein and documented in films such as “An Open Secret” and “Out of The Shadows”. This would lead me to believe that QAnon is simply a construct to muddy the waters of the swamp he’s is supposed to be draining.

Q Anon followers have been described as “deranged” but are they really any different than say the followers that believe that a Messiah will return when the new Solomons Temple is built in Jerusalem? No, and I would add to that, that perhaps it’s the same Messiahship that Trump has been promised which would makes sense seeing his clear support of Israel.

I personally do not dislike Trump, I just think he is a narcissist who has been used and abused all his life and has been mind controlled and conditioned to believe he actually is the Messiah. His uncle was the CIA chap who “found” Tesla’s papers after he died in a hotel, penniless and alone.

Read more here about John G Trump https://www.history.com/news/nikola-tesla-files-declassified-fbi

The QAnon phenomena is the classic outcast (Stone Cold Steve Austin WWE) cool heel (Bad guy) who is anti-establishment going against the big bad establishment boss. This is a tried and tested way of constructing characters and narrative. I mean they even had a heel faction called The New World Order in WWE with the immortal Hulk Hogan leading the gang of outcast against the system.

The Cognitive Dissonance Dance

So what will be interesting to see now is how the Q followers will spin this one. How can they possibly dance a cognitive dissonance dance around the fact that Trump is going to roll out an untested Vaccine across the United States using the Military?

Only a few weeks ago Trump appeared to have taken the funding away from the World Health Organisation and Bill Gates, but in reality he just rerooted it through another avenue. This is because the is already a One World Bank Account and its owned and run by the few Banking Families who drop pennies in the wishing well we were all chucked down as children.

This is what some kid called Travis View wrote in the Washington Post about QAnon (The Washington Post is owned by the same Banking Elite) The essence of the conspiracy is….

there is a worldwide cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles who rule the world, essentially, and they control everything. They control politicians, and they control the media. They control Hollywood, and they cover up their existence, essentially. And they would have continued ruling the world, were it not for the election of President Donald Trump

Here we have a poor journalistic tactic of lumping in truth with blatant lies to discredit the truth. They did the same in the UK by lumping in lies with truth to discredit the child abuse investigations into pedophiles in the UK parliament, of which there were legion, especially in the 1980’s and early 1990’s.

It is my belief from 15 years of research into this global control system we see being compressed upon us in an alarming rate, that there is a cabal of satan worshipping pedophiles who rule the world and they do control everything, they control Hollywood, they control politicians and they run the Banking System. They are called Sabbatian Frankists and the cult goes back to at least the late 1700’s when Mayer Amschel Rothschild joined forces with Jacob Frank and Adam Weishupt.

Either Travis doesn’t understand this or he is worried about his job seeing that the paper he works for is funded by those who are controlled by the same bankers. Connecting that with QAnon is a weak attempt at discrediting fact with fiction, and this is what I believe to be the real weaponry of the QAnon narrative.

This will be a fun one to see how its spun. How long can this cognitive dissonance go on? maybe all the way to the bank.

Richard Willett

Humanities Cognitive Block

Its now May the 14th 2020, as we sit here in the middle of ‘World War WTF”! abd many great cognitive walls are crumbling in the minds of men, women and children all over the world. It has been encouraging and exciting to see so many people finally starting to see that the world they were led to believe to be real is in fact a giant multi generational multi genre Cinematic masterpiece, with the end already written in documents such as The Project For The New American Century and The Protocols of The Elders of Zion.

Yet, there is one giant cognitive block that most people cannot climb over, and that is the belief that Presidents and Prime Minsters are in control of their countries policies. This cognitive blockage is the most important hurdle we must overcome and smash through right now and without doing so we are not going to get anywhere. If the masses do not at least consider this to be a possibility then we are primed to make the same mistakes over and over again, stuck in the Ground Hog Day shit show that we are now living in, in both the East and the West.


Monopoly Capitalism (Europe)

Researchers such as Henry Makow and David Icke have been writing about this for decades and its really very simple. Both Communism and Monopoly Capitalism are pretty much the same thing. Under Monopoly Capitalism the corporations own the sate (think the WHO and Microsoft/Bill Gates) which we clearly saw in the West during the Corona Virus “outbreak” with the likes of Dr Fauci advising Donald Trump in the US and Neil Ferguson (Imperial College) advising Boris Johnson in the UK. Above and at the core of these corporations/think tanks we have the Private Banking Families such as the Rothschilds. Just follow the funding and the bread crumbs will lead you straight back to their door.

Communism (China)

The more overt and in your face way of controlling the world is currently called Communism. In Communism the State control the corporations (Huawei, Alphabet) and the state (Communist Party) answer to the Private Banking Families.

So which ever way you stack the blocks both systems answer to the Private Banking Families. Think of it this way, both the Wicked Witch of the West and the Wicked Witch of the East are the same witch with different coloured frocks on answering to the Grand of Wizard of Oz which represents this banking cartel frantically pulling the levers behind the curtain.

The Wizard of Oz is a fascinating film to watch as an adult once you being to understand how the world truly works. Dorothy goes on a mission to get back home, fixing different broken aspects of the human condition along the way, such as finding the Scarecrow a Brain. It turns out that at the end of the day all the characters always had what they needed anyway. At the very end of the film we see the Wizard frantically pulling the levers hiding behind a curtain, this represents the Banking Families that we have been conditioned to be so fearful of. In reality they are shitting themselves which is evident in how fast they are now ramping up the agenda…waking up the masses of sleeping giants along the way.

The Satanic Panic

All we have to do is look at the speed in which this satanic cult (at its core thats what it is) have ramped things up, this shows us just how worried they truly are. Something has spooked them because they are rolling out elements of the Agenda (2030) so fast that its waking even the most dedicated sleeper from their slumber.

Here are some of the more obvious Agenda programmes they have rushed out during this supposed pandemic.

Contact Tracing, 5G Towers roll out (essential to Transhumanism), Silencing alternative views, Self Policing, Over the top TV advertising, Predictive Programming in Netflix Series, Extinction Rebellion, Greta Thunberg, Microchipping Humans, Forced Vaccines, Lockdown Isolation, Social Distancing, Martial Law, Internet of Things….and many more.

Every time these private banking families roll the dice on one of these Orwellian plays, they risk the chance of rocking the sleeping babies awake and my word have they woke a ward full of sleeping giants. This is the big positive to come out of this whole bizarre nonsense around a Virus that cannot even be found using the standard testing requirements of Virology as explained by Dr Andrew Kaufman and many others. (video below)

If we are to move forward and overcome this utter madness we need to overcome many cognitive mind controlled barriers and one of the biggest (if not the biggest) barriers is the belief that Presidents and Prime Minsters have any say over what happens in their respective countries. This has not been the case for decades and likely never at all. Just look at what happened to JFK or MLK when they started to question this official narrative of everything, that is what happens and that sent out a draconian message to all that may try to do the same in years to come.

So no, Donald Trump and QAnon do not have a “plan” to trust, its the same thing as waiting for God to come save you. It is yet another way of handing over your own sovereign power to an external force, and its bullshit. Trump is owned and answers to Israel and Israel is the creation of …..The Rothschild Banking Cartel and their banking family equivalents. And before the Zionists get their knickers in a twist, no this is not a “Jewish” plot, being Jewish is a belief system not a race and if you dig deep enough you find the the Rothschilds and the like are not “Jewish” but “Donmeh” Sabbatian Cult believers who hooked up with Adam Weishupt and Jacob Frank in the late 1700’s to kick this Agenda into top gear.

Heres a great article on Sabbatian Frankism for more info and background. https://medium.com/@antonymueller/cult-of-the-evil-91daed1de7dd

For more research on this important puzzle piece I would also highly recommend the books by Henry Makow “Illuminati The Cult That Hijacked The World” and “The Trigger” by David Icke. Other books to back up this research are “Holy Blood Holy Grail” and “The 13th Tribe” which all clearly spell out the Satanic origins and present day beliefs of this Banking Elite. Of course you will have many stooges calling you “Anti Semitic” which actually refers to mostly Arabic Languages so doesn’t even mean what they think it means, but fuck em’ the research is there for anyone with a mind to see.


One of our biggest challenges right now is to overcome this cognitive block that Presidents and Prime Minsters are calling the shots, they are not and never have been. They are hand picked, social engineered mind controlled puppets dangling on the strings of the banking families. As soon as we get past that barrier we can begin to look at the real criminals here, those who control the money.

Consider this, Donald Trump was once in World Wrestling Entertainment (Formally WWF) playing himself (a character). He went up against Vince McMahon himself a huge Narcissist. When Trump was elected as President of the United States he brought in the Vince’s wife Linda McMahon as the head of small business. This is a vaudeville show, a circus of words to keep you distracted from the real criminals, the private banking families.

Thank you for taking the time to read and please share fare and wide

Richard Willett – http://glitchinthecode.com


Its now May the 12th 2020 and if you are finding this blog somewhere in the distant future, the human race as just taken a kidney punch in the West and our economy is screwed, I would suggest it was done on purpose. After almost two months of Lockdown due to the Covid19 (SARS 2) Virus which at present nobody has been able to locate, only the genetic material has been tested for and even those tests are not 100% accurate.

In the UK the current Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Secretary of State For Health & Social Care Matt Hancock (it up) have been rolling out what is known as “Furlough” which has thus far promised those who are restricted from going back to work 80% of their salary whilst stuck at home, apparently saving lives. This Sunday the UK Government announced that this will be dropped to 60% until September as we see some of the restrictions being lifted and many are returning to work, although under some of the most bizarre and ridiculous social distancing guidelines that I don’t think Boris even understands.

What is most alarming about this Furlough element of the Totalitarian tip toe towards a One World Order is that it appears to be a BETA test for the current Social Credit System they have in China. There is an excellent episode of the Netflix series Black Mirror called ‘Nose Dive’ which I would highly recommend in order to understand the end game of all of this.


The Social Credit system is for me, one the most dangerous element of this ever reaching Technocracy that has been micro tested in China. It basically gives you a social credit score for “right thinking & right behaviour” which was BETA tested with social media Likes and Dislikes, and now with the current lunacy of clapping the NHS on your doorstep every Thursday. Its a digital keeping up with the Joneses, a computerised popularity contest and self policing prison. But that is just the start, what it really means is that you will be told how to behave, how to interact and how to BE -Human….and if you do not comply then you will be stripped of your Social Credit points.

And here we have the lock in to the Furlough and the Social Credit System, which is fancy Orwellian speak for being controlled by the state. If you do not comply with their demands then you will get a charming little pop up on your SMART phone telling you that you “looked at the Policeman a bit wrong” and you have now been deducted 2,000 Social Credit points or even Bitcoin Credits. If your score drops enough you will start to lose what we currently call our human rights, the right to travel, the right to ear a living and of course the right to you God given freedoms which are rights no earthly human can monetise unless we let them.

If this sounds over the top, well you can scoff all you like whilst you are currently locked in your home hiding from a virus that no test can find whilst the lunatic Technocrats such as Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci try to inject you and your kids with fuck knows what. Add to this my previous article on how Microsoft want to connect your brain to A.I to monitor your thinking then it all becomes a little too real…I am afraid you are going to have to wake up to this sooner or later.

The Furlough therefore is a clear BETA test for the social credit system that has been active in China for a while now. I completely understand why employees need to take this right now, what other option do they have? but we must be careful not to allow this to become the new normal. It is dangerous to allow the Furlough to become something an individual is dependant on. The moment that happens the Venus Fly Trap slams shut and you are property of the state. They can then decide if you qualify for your social credit , and further more they can then decide what restrictions and rules you must individually abide by to receive your hand out….Think of Oliver in Oliver Twist “please sir can I have some more”

Here is a great video that explains what the Furlough is BETA testing you for.

The more you rely on others the more control they have over you, it really is that simple. We must not allow the Government who work for us make us feel like we work for them..…no no Boris we pay your wage not the other way around. The BETA test that is the Furlough is a dangerous jab before the right hook that hit China square in the face years ago. Luckily for the West the brave citizens of China took the hit first so we don’t have to, but only if we learn to duck the punch….and spot the signs. Oh and to add to this, none of this DATA can be gathered without 5G MMW so bare that in mind.

Richard Willett


One of the biggest, if not the biggest mistakes of this whole Covid 19 situation is to look at it in isolation. Researchers in the alternative media have been documenting and uncovering this information for decades only to be labelled conspiracy theorists (that in itself is a CIA term the likes of which the Tavistock Institute would be proud) and nutters. This is no longer holding the weight that it used to, even a few months ago. Controlled Think Tanks such as the CCDH and Hope Not Hate are clearly the work of those who want to keep this information under wraps, even if those stooges who work for them don’t understand it. If you dig deep enough you find links to the Israeli government and what David Icke terms “Sabbatian Frankism” which appears to be a cult mindset fixated with human death.

Even a couple of hours of research shows that the CCDH and Hope Not Hate are connected to the Gates Foundation through Unbound Philanthropy (Link below)


What the powers that should never have been fail to understand is that generations of people have been subconsciously learning how to investigate via the internet, and that the mainstream media holds very little pull anymore, in fact those who work for the mainstream papers and news channels barely know how to conduct any sort of journalism, they are not supposed to. So we must remember to put these past few months in context of the larger picture if we are going to have any sort of understanding of what has been going on. The Governments of the world, and those who pull their strings such as the secret societies and the Banking Families have been producing documents for decades that clearly outline where this is heading but what they count on is the apathy and laziness of humanity not to even look at them….We can no longer afford this luxury.

To understand where this is heading you might want to take a look at the following documents: The Project For The New American Century, Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars and The Protocols of The Elders of Zion to name just three. There is allot of controversy over “The Protocols” but even a quick glance will tally up with where the West is heading today, an example of which can be seen already in Communist China.

We are heading into a totalitarian world, the same world that brave men and women in both world wars (all sides funded by the banking families) unknowingly gave their lives, so that the generations to come would not have to live under a Fascists One World Order. I cannot think of anything more disrespectful to these people than wandering meekly into the Prison Planet on offer right now, all neatly package for our consumer greed.

Today I was pleasantly surprised to hear Dr Andrew Kaufman talk about the bigger picture in this fantastic interview with Spiro on his Youtube Channel. No doubt this will be taken down soon, but watch it before it is censored by the digital book burning Youtube.

So wether we want to admit it to ourselves or not, there is a bigger picture and it goes back thousands of years. This is a multi generational battle for control of humanity and the planet, and if that sounds grandiose well you might to take into account that we are dealing with psychopaths and narcissists who don’t go about things in a loving sharing way, they take what they want without asking.

We are talking about a few bloodline families who run the world central banks, who funnel money onto their branch managers such as Bill Gates and Elon Musk, Zuckerberg, Branson, Jeff Bezos, Dave Geffen and thousands more. These branch managers are controlled either by compromising evidence gathered by the likes of Jeffery Epstien on his Pedophile Island or they are as psychopathic as their masters and willingly go along with it.

Beneath the BIG Tech names such as Musk and Gates we have organisations such as The World Health Organisation who advise the Prime Ministers and Presidents who in turn communicate that to the people. This is a very crude way of mapping it out but its the basic premise. Add to that the secret societies that lock into the Police, military and the likes of the CIA, FBI and MI5 and you have the whole thing locked up. The most important part of this to understand is, that Presidents and Prime Ministers are nothing more than slightly higher ranking auto cue readers than the News reporters, so when you see Obama swinging his head left to right during a speech he is reading the auto cue and when you see Boris Johnson’s eye line above the video screen its because the auto cue is too high.

We are living in a time right now that people all over the world might want to at least consider who controls the governments and what truly makes the world go round. I would strongly suggest that its those who control the flow of money that control the world right now, and to understand who these people are we need to look at the Private Banking Families such as the Rothschilds, The Rockerfellers, The Du Ponts, The Goldsmiths and many more. These are the puppet masters, at least they are as far as we can see into the shaddows, but I have no doubt that they answer to entities we have not seen on the world stage as of yet.

Forget Governments and the likes of Boris Johnson, he has always been a silly boy who is now way out of his depth. I do feel a certain amount of empathy for him, he was born into this nonsense like so many of them are and their world view is completely skewed by generations of emotional abuse. Here is a telling picture below: With Jacob Rothschild

The new Nazi’s are the Technocrats in Silicon Valley, but even they are being abused and used for their skills. The Zuckerbergs and Musks are outcasts, tempted in by the promise of women, fortune and fame that they were kept from during their childhood. They are the geeks in the classroom and they are very very angry.

Bill Gates father was the head of Planned Parenthood which was a cover for a Eugenics programme, with the ever running theme of culling the population of the earth. This is how it is done, they abuse the child before the age of 7 and then the programming is done, its called “Trauma Based Mind Control” . Watch the video below and you tell me that Bill Gates is not traumatised himself.

To sum up: this COVID 19 situation is only a tiny part, a footnote in the grand scheme of things and boy have these lunatics been scheming for a long time. What is obvious is that these lunatics are ramping things up, and as they do so they are making huge mistakes which is waking up millions all over the world on a daily basis. With this in mind it is my belief that they known that time is running out fast and they are on the ropes, not us.

A great place to start your own research is the late 1700 when Mayer Amschel Rothschild met with Adam Weishupt and Jacob Frank. This was a pivotal moment in the tentacles of control reaching out across all areas of your life.

Richard Willett