Well well, if it couldn’t get anymore strange, now it seems that Bill Gates and his merry men/women want to reward you for “right feelings” with Bitcoin and Crypto Currency. It has long been obvious to me that Bitcoin & digital currency is just a stepping stone to a Social Credit System and I simply do not trust anyone who is pushing it. Take into account that Brock Pierce is now supposedly a Bitcoin Billionaire (basically just digital dust in his pocket) and you will see why. Even a simple look into this disturbed young mans background will raise eyebrows. Brock was one of the integral parts of the Digital Entertainment Network (DEN) that was launched back in the early 2000’s.

DEN was sold as an early version of NETFLIX when in reality it was a grooming ground for young actors, revealed in the fantastic documentary “An Open Secret”. I interviewed one of the producers Mathew Valentinas of the film which you can listen to below.

DEN was funded in part by filmmaker Bryan Singer and Hollywood Mogul Dave Geffen, both of whom deserve a deep dive into their background. We know Singer has been accused of sexual deviance with young boys for a while, but as yet nothing has been proven. Dave Geffen on the other hand has been the mastermind behind many of the attacks on Michael Jackson through the years, including the ludicrously poor attempt to distract from the Harvey Weinstein case with the release of “Leaving Neverland” in March 2019, the same month Weinstein was due to begin court proceedings. Geffen has had his knickers in twist about Micheal Jackson for decades since Micheal refused to sign to his record label in the early 90’s. Dave Geffen came out of the 60’s Hippy movement and has CIA affiliations as well as being very close to Yoko when John Lennon was shot on the steps of the building where Rose Marys Baby was filmed. A film about the Devils Child by filmmaker Roman Polanski who has his own dark background of course.

So what does all of this have to do with Microsoft? well this goes to show just how vast this web of deceit is, from Hollywood to BIG Tech to Big Pharma. Bill Gates and his “foundation” are now openly talking about a system that would implant Nanobots into your brain and track your moods, giving you Crypto Currency points for “right feelings” in accordance to your social programming.

Here is the article in the Independent news paper, which is anything but Independent of course.

These psychopaths actually see this as progress but what lays beneath this bonnet of bullshit is that they want every human being attached to the Internet of Things “watch that vaccine it may have a microchip in it” and thus becoming one of those “things”. This may sound mental, and it is because you cannot describe madness without at first sounding mad yourself. So they want every human being on planet earth to be attached to the IOT. For that to work they would need the infrastructure which is…… guessed it 5G. This maybe why they got their knickers in a twist about David Ickes most recent interview on London Real with Brian Rose, after David mentioned that Covid 19 symptoms could be connected to the roll out of 5G, which indeed they could well be we know from Lena Pu’s blood study that MMW at 60ghz effect the oxygen in the blood.

Can you see how all of this connects together? What i found fascinating about the Rose interview is that David was then banned from all BIG Tech platforms such as Youtube, Facebook ect whilst Rose was not, even though it was on the London Real Channel. Perhaps that is because Rose still backs Crypto Currency …just a thought.

So to wrap this up, the Big Tech companies want to implant chips into your brain to connect you to the IOT so they can monitor your feelings to make sure they can reward you for “right feelings”. On they way into your body there is also evidence that elements of this tech are already controlling your thoughts and feelings in many ways, so i guess this is a logical way of monitoring their effect.

Here’s a little diagram, everyone loves a diagram

Its not too late to stop this but we MUST not allow 5G to be rolled out, we do not need it and if only 1% of the research we are doing is spot on then we are heading for a shit show on planet earth, guided in by the psychopaths behind the likes of Bill Gates and Elon Musk.

Thanks for reading and please share. Rich

Ventura California 66.66 TRACE Act

Today (9th May 2020) a video was released by Dr Buttar about an ACT just passed in the US under the number 66.66. This Act is called the “House resolution Act” and covers intrusive testing for covid 19 in your own home. What Dr Buttar describes as the Trace act (Testing-Reacting-And-Contacting-Everyone) was introduced by a chap called Bobby Rush who is a Democrat in the U.S.

Dr Buttar says that Mr Rush wants to roll this out in Ventura California, the same place that Dr Buttar was at the time he created this video. This “ACT” will allow individuals to come into your home and test you if you show any signs of COVID 19, of which there are many that would be considered inline with a common cold, such as a cough… don’t cough now! If you test positive then they can legally force you from your own home into quarantine. We know that there have been high rates of false positives as well as deaths recorded as Covid 19 which are nothing of the sort, and according to the research of Dr Andrew Kauffman they are only testing for the genetic material not the actual Virus itself.

Some really good work here by C.O.P.S on the Act which was introduced in May 1st. Bobby Rush was apparently a civil rights activist associated with the Black Panthers, so thats comforting to know.

Bobby Rush has also endorsed the infamous Rahm Emmanuel, who came out with this wonderfully Orwellian line “We never want to let a serious crisis go to waste” …yes these are the psychopaths pushing legislation in the US right now, the land of the free’ stay at home if your brave!

Using the tired sales pitch of “protecting the people” this 66.66 ACT will give them the right to come into your home and take you or even your children away from the family unit, so that you can no longer spread this “virus” in your own home followed by putting you in quarantine. Others involved in this are the CDC, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and all of the various strands of the web that the Gates Foundation fund such as the BBC, The Guardian and The World Health Organisation. These are all connected but Bill Gates is only a branch manager of the Lunatic Elite, he answers to his bosses to which I will explain briefly below.

Read the ACT here from the Congressional website

I wish I was making this up but I am not. This is a clear play to further divide us, first they divided us from our friends, then our social circles and now they want to come into your own home and divide you there. At some point very soon we have to ask ourselves when will this madness stop? The past fifty years it appears that the whole of Western society has been jabbed into compliance, apathy and non resistance and this looks like a hook to the chin far greater than even 9/11….but most important to understand is that it comes from the same opponent, those who control the money.

The time has come to stop looking at The Trumps and Boris Johnson’s of this world and realise that they are simply front man, branch managers for the Global elite who in turn answer to the money men which are the private banking families. Once we look past the puppets we can start to dismantle the set and cut the strings that bind us to this utter madness, until then we are either covering up on the ropes or swinging in the dark.

note: The use of the numbers 66.66 is what is called “revelation of the method” which locks into the secret societies such as the highest levels of Freemasonry and factions such as The Knights Templar, Opus Dei. They believe that by showing you what they are about to do to you, that gives you the chance to avoid it and if you “choose” not to then by definition you are giving them permission to go ahead.

Yes they are psychopaths but they are few and we are many. Thanks for taking the time to read and please share far and wide.


I recently recorded a fascinating interview with a gentlemen called Cyrus A Parsa for Glitch In The Code which can you can see over on the podcast show, and the video version on Cyrus has produced several books highlighting his research in to BIG Tech companies and the dangers of artificial intelligence which I would highly recommend.

This documentary was produced by Cyrus and outlines in detail all the dangers we should be contemplating and taking on board about artificial intelligence and the dark corners of reality that this technology could possibly lead.

With the pressure to download new apps to your SMART phone (Contact tracing) and the disgusting actions of mobile phone companies all over the world sneaking out 5G masts whilst we have all been on lockdown I think it is fair to say that this technology could be devastating to mankind if it lands in the wrong hands.

You can find Cyrus A Parsa’ books on Amazon and via his website The A.I Organization. I recently interviewed Cyrus for my Glitch In The Code Podcast show which you can hear below. Cyrus will also be featured in my new documentary “Primed For Panic” Lockdown 2020 out soon on and video on demand platforms.


Contact Tracers

In these ever more ridiculously Sci Fi times, the nutters that we allow to govern our world are now introducing something called ‘contact tracing’. Yes, this madness will require you to have an app on your SMART phone that will record DATA about where you have been, which through a satanically crafted algorithm will then alert you if you happen to be near someone who may have tested positive for Covid 19.

Yes, utter utter madness. What is ever more maddening is that grown adults are willingly handing over their data to these companies in the honest belief that they are doing “the right thing”. It is heartbreaking and frustrating to watch millions of people all over the world lining up for the digital prison they are being shuffled into, not to mention the thousands in the UK that have signed up to be human lab rats for the COVID 19 vaccines…that was quick.

These APPS are leading to what is called “The Internet of Things” or “The Internet Of All Things” which will require 5G MMW technology to process the amount of DATA that will eventually cloak us all in the the Bars of a digital Alcatraz. 5G MMW at 60hgz effects the blood being able to carry oxygen around the body, this has been proven to by a lady called Lena Pu who carried out some incredible blood study work at a local school. Add to this that 4G at 2.45ghz Microwaves effects the molecules of water , of which we humans are 70%, then clearly we are messing about with technology that can only cause us harm (to put it mildly). After a bowl of water is microwaved the body will no longer recognise it as water.

Contact Tracing is ridiculous of course, but its a testiment to the power of BIG Pharma and BIG Media who are hand in hand with BIG Tech to see so many human beings downloading the app and going about their merry way. All the while they are thinking they are “doing their part” to bring us back to some normality, when in reality it is only dragging us further and further away.

And so the Madhouse kicks it up another notch.